MLM Vs Job : Don’t be a Sheep !

In case you have no clue what MLM is, consider yourself lucky ! I was shocked while doing research on this topic. I thought it will be very clear for anyone to understand MLM is in no way better than a job. But to my amusement, I saw people on forums, Quora, blogs saying that … Read more

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

I am writing this on the first day of 2019, depending on how closely you follow me, you might read it later on. My facebook feed is full of people sharing their goals and ambitions. I like this energy. I am all about ambitions, and goals, and missions. But, somewhere, I know, they won’t be … Read more

Why I Hate Social Media, Even though I am Very Active on it

Social media is one of those topics for whom I am not clear whether I hate them, or love them. Now, there is no second argument that I’m quite active on social media. Some even consider me a social media influencer. Social media is my primary means of connecting with my fans and readers and … Read more

Should You Quit Job and Start a Business ?

I get tons of questions. Most of them from my facebook page, and some via email, and blog. Some questions are new; they’re specific to that person. However, some questions are repeat offenders. One such question which comes up now and then, is “Should I quit my job and start a business ?” More than … Read more

How to Wake Up Early : Master Your Alarm Clock

Much like most of the bloggers, or the people who work primarily on their computers, I was a night owl too. I used to work all night long, then sleep around 6 or 8 in the morning. Although this was beneficial as in I was able to skip most of the noisy time, but it … Read more