Hi, I Am Rachit !

I build brands, I tell stories & I tell them well.

I am a professional marketer & best-selling author. I write about entrepreneurship, building businesses & self-developement.

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Help Me Produce a Better Show

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I am getting back on my track of creating content.

I've decided to start with just two shows. One of them is Ask Rachit, a show where you ask me questions about building a business, entrepreneurship & self-development.

Every week, I pick five questions around a theme & answer them on my show.

If you'd like to help me create a better show, you can do so by submitting your questions for #askrachit show.

Some of the Work That I've Done


Grounded Podcast

Grounded is Weekly Podcast about Building Businesses, Entrepreneurship & Self-Development.


Grounded Newsletter

Weekly daily dose of content around entrepreneurship, building businesses & self-development sent to thousands of people.

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Rekindle Podcast

Rekindle is a collection of tales and lessons that I've picked up from his day to day life. Stories from various walks of life.

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My latest project where I share actionable fitness trips for people who're in 9 to 5 and want to get in shape.

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