I am the author of Never on Rest, speaker and marketer. I write drama, crime, self-help and help people take charge of their career. Apart from this, I own a marketing agency. I am passionate about researching, learning, and creating content.

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" All I do, is tell stories. Sometimes in form of books, sometime via Youtube videos or podcasts, and sometimes via blog posts. "


I've authored Never on Rest, a crime fiction book, and Find the Spark, a poem. I'm currently working on Chattis - a romantic novel.

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On my Yt Channel, I share my take on life, videos on life, career, entrepreneurship. I also host the Re-kindle podcast on my Youtube channel.

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I own Scribbify - a content marketing agency. I help people get more sales, produce better content and  reach their target audience in effective manner.

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Why I Hate Social Media, Even though I am Very Active on it

August 17, 2018

Social media is one of those topics for whom I am not clear whether I hate them, or love them. Now, there is no second argument that I’m quite active on social media. Some even consider me a social media influencer. Social media is my primary means of connecting with my fans and readers and …

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Should You Quit Job and Start a Business ?

July 13, 2018

I get tons of questions. Most of them from my facebook page, and some via email, and blog. Some questions are new; they’re specific to that person. However, some questions are repeat offenders. One such question which comes up now and then, is “Should I quit my job and start a business ?” More than …

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How to Wake Up Early : Master Your Alarm Clock

February 7, 2018

Much like most of the bloggers, or the people who work primarily on their computers, I was a night owl too. I used to work all night long, then sleep around 6 or 8 in the morning. Although this was beneficial as in I was able to skip most of the noisy time, but it …

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