Look Back at 23′ & Plans for 24′


As I grow older, my energy for celebrating new year goes down.

It isn’t that I no longer make plans for the upcoming year, but I am no longer thrilled to party.

I am more so interested in reviewing the year and planning the upcoming year based on learnings from the past one.


I had initially planned to finally be able to live on a digital nomad lifestyle by the end of this year, but that couldn’t happen.

23 wasn’t a very good year for me. I started with more in terms of everything but ended up with less of everything ; be it people or money.

But I am grateful for the lessons that came with these experiences.

I couldn’t grow my public presence online. Most of my time was spent focusing on bringing in more money.

I am trying to maintain a balance and find more time to create content and growing my online presence. But like everyone, money is essential part of what I am trying to build.

Another area I couldn’t perform as much as I wanted was fitness.

In 2022, I was someone who was super energetic to hit the gym as soon as I woke up. But in 2023, I had to push myself every single time to go to the gym.

I also couldn’t pursue my love for martial arts for long enough.

I also lost a lot of connections.

But hey, life goes on.

Plans for 2024

I am not walking into 2024 with a lot of hopes.

This doesn’t mean I am walking into it with an upset or grumpy mood.

I have some plans in head that I’ll execute in 24.


I will be more regular this year regarding my fitness this year. This doesn’t mean just hitting the gym, but getting back to martial arts and take a better control of my diet. This also means I’ll get a proper chef to eat clean.


I plan to be more active with content creation. I want to create more podcasts, newsletters & blogs. I am also planning to be more active on my Instagram.

Another thing I’ve always missed out is going omni-channel with my projects.

I’ve lately understood the problem when you’re only active on website and nowhere else. I now understand the user journey for the audience I am catering to. Accordingly, I’ll adopt a more omni-channel approach.


I also want to take an even better control of my finance. I am in a pretty decent position right now. But I am planning to work on some really expensive projects and I expect they might shake me up financially.

Good thing is, I won’t mind much spending on my projects. I’ll have to be very careful not to overspend in anything which isn’t directly related to work, or brings my family joy.

I’ll have to be more cautious with investments. In 23′ I had made investments in stock market to create an emergency fund. I am done with that part of my finance journey now.

I now plan to invest only on my projects, at least for this year.


In December of 23, I took a trip to Manali.

Despite the chilling environment & having literally no access to things like Swiggy, Zomato, Blinkit, I felt very happy and at peace.

I am planning to take 4 trips in this year. I am deciding between The Char Dham Yatra or visiting my favourite locations.

Either ways, I’ll eventually figure it out.

Ending Notes :

That’s it.

Although it might sound a lot, but I think I have enough on my plate.

I used to start the year with a shit load of work but couldn’t keep up. This year, I am going a bit more mellow. I’ll be posting updates related to my fitness, finance, travel & work to keep you updated.

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