Reserve Rachit for Speaking at Your Event

Hi, My name is Rachit Singh

I’m an author & marketer. I’ve worked with some of the top players in the industry. I’ve been Featured/Contributed on several top-notch publications like and I’ve been a part of many expert round-ups. Being a marketer & author, I love exploring, learning & sharing the experience.

Being an author explains how much I love telling stories – let it be with a pen or with a microphone.

I’ve done a lot of podcasts, videos, been to several events, trained at several workshops and organized my own workshop as well. I know how to educate and entertain the audience simultaneously.

I love about talking about these topics
(anything even remotely connected to these topics does hold my area of interest)


I love researching and learning about how businesses work. I’ve worked with several companies and individuals to help them meet their goals. I’ve written business plans for a couple of businesses as well.

Digital Marketing / Online Marketing

Nothing else can prove my love for online marketing other than the fact that I make most of my income from the Internet. From web design agencies, freelancers up to Tattoo parlours, I’ve helped a variety of business create and promote content online.


I founded my first company when I was 17. Since then, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been through the dark days and sleepless nights, and hence I speak, every word of which entrepreneurs will relate to.

I know what works & what sucks !

I attend a lot of events, and most of the times, I come back with disappointment. I have been on the seats where people mock the speaker as he speaks, I know where it gets boring or less interesting – and I don’t do it !

As I mentioned above, my aim is always to educate and entertain the audience at the same time. I am more than willing to try out new things that will entertain the audience.

I’ve seen how the audience feels low when the speaker leaves as soon as he can. It almost looks like they aren’t enjoying their work. Although, I do enjoy connecting with the audience, and most of the times, I stay there throughout the event(and sometimes after it too).

Your Event = My Event

I have a fair slice of an audience who loves to listen to me and admires me and my work. If I come to your event, I’ll announce it on my social media channels, email newsletter and blog so that some of them(if not all) can come to your event.

After the event, I compile the videos and presentation of my module and share it with the attendees.

So, if you decide to get me on your event/workshop – shoot me an email at [email protected]