MLM Vs Job : Don’t be a Sheep !

In case you have no clue what MLM is, consider yourself lucky !

I was shocked while doing research on this topic. I thought it will be very clear for anyone to understand MLM is in no way better than a job. But to my amusement, I saw people on forums, Quora, blogs saying that an MLM is better than Job.

This is how I got the inspiration for writing this article. In this article, I’ll compare MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) and a Job, and show, by number, how having a regular job is far better than being brainwashed into a pyramid scheme.

Who’s supporting it?

You can know a lot about a product/service, let’s say about a movie, from the person who is supporting it.

When you are talking about MLM, look at the people who are supporting it. The only people you’ll find supporting MLM are the people who’re in it. That’s it!

No legit business that has a product line, or entrepreneur ( considering you are not listening to MLM speakers disguised as entrepreneurs ) endorses MLM. All entrepreneurs, including me, and a complete subreddit, is totally against MLMs.

Ask 100 people about MLM, you’ll see for yourself, that only people who are doing MLM are speaking in favor. Every other person will be speaking against it. MLM companies are even banned from tons of award shows, parks, fairs and more.

The bottom line, the only people speaking in favor are the people doing it.

You are not earning more than a Job!

If you meet these MLM suckers, the number one thing they pitch you is that you make more money than a job.

As per research and surveys, you can make more money via gambling (not that I am suggesting to try), but you have a higher chance of making money in gambling than in an MLM.

See this, you first need to sign up by paying an amount, then you buy a small inventory, then you have to spend time making people buy shitty products. Meanwhile, the brand loses no money. The brand takes money from you at every step. If there is anyone who loses, it’s you!

Despite if you sell the inventory or not, you’re losing money all the way.

With a 1% success rate ( and in some MLMs, the success rate is under 1% ), you’re better off begging at streets, that way you don’t disturb your personal relations.

You are still working for a boss

Another thing that these MLM fucks pitch is “you’ll be working for yourself”, “you’ll not be working for a boss”…

Now, if anyone believes this, they have to be really dumb.

You are still working for a boss. You are working for the founder of that MLM. You still have to pay for the inventory, you still pay to go to their conferences, you still pay even if you make money or not.

If you purchase a thousand pieces and fail to sell them, the MLM won’t take it back, you’ll have to do something about your inventory all by yourself.

You are not working for fewer hours

One more thing that these brainless zombies pitch is you’ll not be working 9 to 5. This part is sort of true. You actually work much more hours than you’d do in a normal job.

In a normal job, you don’t worry about how to sell this much amount of things to earn this much.

You have a sense of security. Once it’s 5, you have no worry about the company. But in MLM, you are always in sense of insecurity, and always trying to scam people for money.

I have seen tons and tons of people waiting for outside schools and colleges and just pitching people as they go out.

Not only do they look worried and irritated, but they also stand there for hours. Honestly, if you had that much sales dedication, buy from a wholesaler, and sell it to people, at least you will not have any liability on your head.

You lose all your friends/relations over time

I don’t pick calls from any of my school friends.


They’re all doing MLM now and call to meet me, then pitch their god damn pyramid scheme.

I am not alone who does this. I have met countless people who block/ignore these MLM zombies. There is a complete subreddit dedicated against MLMs. By this, you can see how bad the whole thing is.

You’re being brainwashed

MLMs work by brainwashing people into thinking they can become entrepreneurs by doing minimal work.

If it was that easy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it already?

They target college students or people just nearby this age group who have no clue what to do in their life since these are pretty much the only people who can be brainwashed easily.

The second segment they target is moms who are looking for a sense of validation or creating something big of their own.

In nutshell, anyone who is easily brainwashable, they do it and pull out every dollar out of their pocket.

At last,

MLMS make you work for more hours, you still work under a boss, you disturb your friends, family, and relations, and in no way, you’re an entrepreneur. Comparing it to a job, MLM is at least 10 times more terrible than a JOB.

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