Why I Hate Social Media, Even though I am Very Active on it

Social media is one of those topics for whom I am not clear whether I hate them, or love them. Now, there is no second argument that I’m quite active on social media. Some even consider me a social media influencer. Social media is my primary means of connecting with my fans and readers and thereby can’t be avoided. Despite how much it adds to my life, I am not a big fan of social media.

I like the way I (or some other people) use social media – to connect with peers and use it for growth. Majority of my ghostwriting clients come from facebook groups/referrals itself. Facebook ads also have helped me generate leads/sales for my books/projects over time. As I explained, I use social media as one of the means to grow.

Cons of Social Media

You feel worthless

Unless you just watch cute dog and cat videos, I’m sure you feel like an idiot when you hop on social media. It has happened to me for a really long time. I used to read updates & posts from fellow authors, bloggers and think how they’re growing so fast and I’m unable to put together one successful project.

I used to spend hours wondering what is working for them. This led to me trying out what they’re working on. So, for example, if someone was getting more revenue from a blog in “xyz” niche, I’d leave work on my blog and rather try that niche. Now, I certainly won’t get success in that new area, but my own blog suffered heavily.

If one wants to succeed in a field, they need to be striking the hot iron continuously. You need to beat one single piece of iron a thousand times rather than beating thousand iron pieces single time.

If you’re not on social media, you’ll be pretty happy with your life. You go to your work, come back, eat and sleep. No issues what so ever. But the moment you open your feed, you’ll see some guy who’s living like a fucking hippie and has everything that you don’t. He’d go to bars, eat a fuck ton of fancy food, and do everything which you’d like to do ‘now’.

You didn’t need to do all those things, but now that you’ve watched someone do it, you feel like doing it as well.


Youtube and Facebook are two of the most used websites by procrastinators.

I remember way back, when I started blogging, I used to spend days and weeks just watching youtube. Youtube does an extremely good job of curating playlists, suggesting videos and so on. Basically, everything to make your stay on the platform. Same goes for Facebook. Let it be an endless news feed, live chat or live videos, everything is crafted in a perfect way to make you stay on the platform all the time.

Travel Pages

One segment of Facebook/Instagram pages I absolutely hate are travel pages. Do a simple thing. Open any Instagram travel page, and close your eyes by opening only a tiny bit. I can bet the page will give a blue or yellow kind of tint. Because all travel pages published cool ass water shots, or beach shots and things similar to this.

No travel page specifies how much work was put together to get into this place. Let alone going to fucking Hawaii, even getting out of your town will cost you money, and no travel page mentions that.

No one shares failures

Often when I mentor someone or suggest to them how to grow their blog, I tell them “Don’t rush yourself, no one is sharing their failures”. No one shares how many times they wanted to quit in midnight, no one shares how many times they tried out something, but it failed miserably and so on.

Social media is the wall of fame. People share and boast about what they’ve done and it is supposed to get you pumped to do more. Although, it does just the opposite. You see other people only making a fuckload of money, traveling into places and so on, but no one shares how many times they’ve failed, rejected, and turned down.

This is why I openly share when a project fails, or when my book is delayed or any of my work doesn’t succeed as I expected it to. To give more insight into how the process is. To tell that people can actually fail in the process and it isn’t supposed to be bad or something which isn’t supposed to happen.

But, I don’t completely hate social media

Now, as much as I’d like to talk about how social media negatively impacts work, self-worth etc, but there is a good side as well.


The biggest reason I love social media is that how easy it makes for me to get in touch with my client, peers and possible target audience. All my book readers and blog readers get in touch and get updates about my life from my facebook page itself. There are people I could not have grown a strong connection with if it wasn’t for facebook.


I know online bullying is an issue. But its comparatively easy to handle than offline bullying.

In online bullying, if someone is cursing you on facebook, just block the mofo and move on, there is nothing more to it. In offline bullying, if a child is cornered, there is no escape.

I am in no way supporting online bullying, but I am just saying, offline bullying is much worst. You get beat up, sometimes injuries leave the mark that last lifelong.


Much like anything, social media has its upsides and downsides. It’s up to you, to decide how you’re going to use it.

Let me know what are your views on Social media in the comment section below.

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