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How to Decide How Successful Your Content Is ?


what is quality contentJudging the quality of our content has always been a heck of a task for us Content Writers.

I have talked with dozens of content writers about this issue and it seems this is a common problem.

On one hand some marketers consider their content to be success if it ranks on top of Google, while there are marketers that consider their to be a success if user engage with it.

This notion of content to be successful changes with writers and niche.

For example, a Theme vendor would consider his content to be successful if it is able to sell his themes. However a Blogger would love it when more and more users engage with his content.

Like as I said above, it changes with writers and niches. Different writers measure the success of their content by different factors.

But, is there any scale of measuring how successful a Content is ?

Well, there isn’t any online “content success” checker ! However there are a few statistics you should look at to decide on your own.

These stats directly or indirectly indicate how good was the quality of the content. As we know, above all it is the quality that can satisfy all user needs.

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Decide How Successful Your Content is With these Factors

No doubt there are proof readers and experienced content writers who can tell you how your writing skills are ( and how to improve them ).

However if you want to self evaluate your Content, Below are some stats you should take a look at.

1. Engagement Time

engagement timeOne Quality of quality content is that it is engaging. If People like to read your content, and it holds the capacity to hold readers for a time, your content is somewhat successful.

There are several analytics tool which can evaluate the exact time as of how long a reader stayed on your blog.

There are couple of paid and free options available, however the best analytics tool which comes handy is the Google Analytics. It is free and provides a lot of features for a webmaster to track what is going on, on his site and how is the content performing.

The more your readers engage with your content, the less will be your bounce rate and more you can consider your content to be. Engaging includes properly formatted text, eye catching headings, use of sub-headings , lists and bullets.

You can also use videos in your articles to make them more engaging. Once reader presses the play button, he/she would be there until the playback is over. Hence, Engagement time should be taken as one of stats by which you should judge your content.

2. Contribution by Audience

CommentsOK, A reader spent 2 minutes on your blog’s page.

Isn’t that wonderful ? Considering the fact that most of the users stay on a web page for less than 15 seconds !

But how do you know that he actually liked what he read ?

One easy way of knowing that is through comments and reviews. These are what your audience contributes to your content.

If you are getting positive comments and feedback on your content, you can be sure that you are headed towards the right direction.

I’ve seen that several blogs often disable the comments. I don’t yet know why would anyone do that. But if you are doing this, you should certainly stop doing this and enable comments.

This gives the audience a chance to tell you if they find any mistakes or if they have a feedback for you. Commenting also creates a sort of community on your blog.

Advertisers also advertise more often on blogs whose posts have dozens of comments instead of those who have a blank comment section.

3. Average Finishing Time

average finishing timeWith analytics tool Hotjar, you can actually analyze how far readers scroll through your page.

This would let you know how engaging your content actually is, because if readers are merely scrolling 15% of your blog post , this is a clear sign that readers aren’t “sticking” with your content.

However, If readers scroll to the bottom of the post, it means you did a good job in writing an engaging content.

Although you should also check in how much time they scrolled down. It might be possible that someone just scrolled down without reading anything.

So, you don’t only need to measure how long your users scrolled, but also measure under what time they actually scrolled.

It is surely a positive sign if readers stay on your blog for some time and scroll to read your whole post.

4. Returning Readers

I’d Rather have a hundred readers who visit my blog daily instead of thousand visitors who come on a random day and never come back.

returning backOne of the main focus of a blogger or a content writer should be writing content that makes people come back.

Returning traffic is the best sort of traffic. Readers who come back again and again to your blog are more likely to purchase your product or service instead of those who land for the first time.

It all comes back to Content quality again ! If you are feeding good and valuable content to your readers, they would surely want to come back again and again.

On the same part, you can only trick search engines with your SEO tricks, but not humans, and for those who produce SEO toned content, the Sad part is that the end user is human, who instantly knows how poorly the content has been written.

You should write by keeping in mind who is your target audience and what would he like to read. Not by remembering Google’s algorithms and forcing keywords for boosting your Search engine result position.

5. Social Media Shares

social mediaHave you noticed how much people share funny images and those clickbait posts ?

Well, because people share what they love. If you are publishing content which is getting shared on social media on a good basis, it a positive indicator.

No one would share poorly written blog post, a post with images and properly formatted content tends to get more shares than a non-formatted post with no or a few images.

Although Social media signals can be bought too, but as an author you would know how many people actually shared your content.

The Content Measuring Scale

rating scale


To make this process a bit easier. I made a Content measuring scale which you can use to judge your content. Each of the band represents one point. Using this you can rate your content out of 5. By the fraction I have dedicated to each shade of color, you can get a hint of its importance while writing an article.

For example Engagement of readers is certainly more important than Social media shares. I’d love to know your views on the content measuring scale in the comments below.

Conclusion : Content Writing isn’t something you will learn over a night by reading how to guides and following pros. It is an ongoing process and you will learn with time.

There are thousands of guides on how to improve content writing which you should read and implement to make your quality better. Always remember the more you read , the better you can write.

So, How do you think is the Quality of my content ?

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