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Top 10 Key Elements to Look Out for In Your Blog


There are dozens of elements which are responsible for making or dooming a blog.

I’ve been blogging from more than 2 years and I’ve realized the “do-s” and “don’t-s” of it. Managing is a blog isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort and patience.

Now, if a list is made, there can be dozens or more elements one should care about for.

In this post, I’ll reveal the top 10 factors you need to care about your blog. These are the factors that can grow your blog if handled properly.


Content – There is an ever green and popular quote about content. You might have heard it as well. “Content is the king” – this is the quote and is 100% precise.


Content is what makes your blog. It is what readers come for. If you aren’t able to publish quality content, you can’t expect a sudden jolt in your rankings or traffic.

There are millions of blogs on the internet. However, majority of them don’t make any profits!

To make your blog a reader magnet, you need quality stuffed content. If you aren’t much of a content writer, you can hire a freelance content writer to help you out.

When we talk about generating content, don’t just get carried away and publish anything. Sure there are multi-niche websites, but they are multi author and are result of years of hard work.

Publish content related to your niche. This will bring you targeted traffic to your blog. Targeted traffic is profitable, and easy to add a revenue stream to.

rachit logoLogo – It doesn’t matter which niche you mention, there are going to be thousands of blogs under that niche.

Under this highly competitive environment, you need to set yourself apart from the rush.

Your logo plays a vital role in this. Your readers relate your blog name to the logo, and remember it longer than anything.

While getting a logo for your business, don’t focus on cost cutting. If you can’t make a decent logo yourself, you can hire a freelancer. There are freelancers on fiverr offering a logo for as little as $5.

Your logo should represent your business and what you do.

Appearance and Layouts – It is a long established fact that if readers are pleased with your appearance, there chances of returning to your blog are quite high.

While tweaking up the color scheme of your blog, pay attention to colors you are going to use.

Color popularity

According to studies, Blue is the most loved color in both men and women. Green comes second ( Which is my blog’s color scheme indeed ).

If you need help designing the perfect color scheme, I suggest using the paletton color scheme generator.

Loading time – Did you know that if your blog takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, half the web-readers won’t hesitate to close it ?

loading time

Speed is one of the most vital, and on the irony most ignored aspect of your blog.

No reader would love a slow and sluggish website. Things get even painful if you run a business. You can see dramatic decrease  in sales.

If you need a point to begin, I’d suggest pingdom tools. A quick test would reveal your loading time and elements affecting it.

Ideally, there are number of factors which impact a website’s loading time. Some tips for improving a website’s loading time are –

  • Combine all CSS stylesheets
  • Use CSS Spirits to combine images
  • Move scripts to footer
  • Combine CSS and JS
  • Use a CDN ( Content delivery network )
  • Optimize images

This isn’t all ! If your site still loads slow, consult your web host or a developer.

Heat maps and Content Analytics – If you aren’t using heat maps and content analytics, you are leaving a lot of data you can pick.

For those who might not be familiar with Heatmaps, They represent areas where users click on your website.

Marketing firms and SEO companies have been using heat maps to their advantage. For demonstration, below is a heatmap I took off from my blog’s footer.


If you are serious for your blog, it would be better that you get serious for analytics as well. If you aren’t much of pro, you can begin creating heatmaps with Hotjar.

Hotjar is one of those free tools I recommend. It comes with much more features than merely creating heatmaps. You can also check how far your posts are read and create feedback polls and much more.

Ease of reading – I’ve been to blogs where the blogger went too far configuring the look. Your content should be easy to read. There are couple of factors that impact this :-

  • Background color
  • Font color
  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Font Style

Ideally, if you have a decent theme, this isn’t a problem.

Try reading your posts to know how easily can a reader read them. If you find any element lacking, fix it quickly. Apart from the factors that I mentioned above, sometimes reader are also disturbed by pop-ups and inline advertisements.

Sharing – I won’t debate about if Social media shares still count for SEO or not. But, you can’t ignore that social media is an effective source of building traffic.

social mediaConsider my blog as a live example. It is not more than a month active. As a web-master I understand that SEO takes time to reflect results, So I am deriving traffic from social media instead.

Make sure your blog posts have social media sharing buttons placed ideally on your blog. In this post at coschedule, Garrett Moon talks about the best placement of social media buttons.

One more thing you need to take care is that your sharing buttons are mobile friendly as well.

If you are wordpress user, there are hundreds of social media plugins you can use to place sharing buttons on your blog.

Ease of Commenting – Another vital aspect you should be worried about is Comments. You should make it simple and easy to comment on your posts.

Commenting has more than one benefit to be specific. You don’t only create better relation with your readers, but you also gain their trust by engaging with them.

If you are one of those bloggers who have disabled commenting due to any reason, I’d recommend to enable it as soon as you finish reading this post.

There are variety of comment platforms if your CMS didn’t came with one. You can use Facebook comments or disqus – the two most CMS independent comment platforms.

Make sure your comment box is easy to locate and your design highlights and make it simple for readers to spot it.

Replying to Comments – If you have engaging content and comments enabled, you’ll surely be receiving comments from your readers.

It is important that you reply to those comments. Not replying will turn off readers from commenting in future.

Even when I leave posting new content on blog, I still check it regularly for new comments. Till now, I’ve replied to every single comment posted on this blog or my other blogs.

You must note that you might get offensive or abusive comments, but since you are the admin of the blog, be sober and let go. Reply politely to comments, this will help you gain trust and create a loyal audience for your blog.

Updating old content – We are living in an ever changing world.

The information, stats, numbers you use in your posts can change dramatically after you publish a post. If someone reads the “un-updated” version of your post, he/she might consider your blog as inactive or may be that reader gets mislead.

For example : If I write a post to rank on google in 2013, it will surely become un-effective in 2015. This is due to changing SEO algorithms and improving search engines.

So, to comply, I have to update my post in 2015 so that it becomes valuable again.

It is essential to update your old posts and pages as the information changes.

Conclusion – I’ve discovered how important these elements are over the years.

If I was familiar with all this when I started as a newbie, I’d have grown my blog at a much more rapid rate.

I still think this list isn’t complete. There are certainly other things that are necessary in growing a blog. If you know any such elements, let me know in the comments below.

Source : Livescience

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