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Shorte.st Review – Earn Extra Bucks Out Of Your Blog

Review of: Shorte.st

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On May 1, 2016
Last modified:May 1, 2016


Shorte.st is a URL shortner that Pays You for Clicks Recieved on Your Shortened Links. Read this Review to Find out About its Features and Ratings.

shorte.stMoney has not been the prime things that motivates or encourages me to blog. I’ve been blogging for nearly half an year with no response from readers or any revenue coming in.

But, I accept, Money makes the whole blogging thing fun and exiting. I’ve been writing on this topic since the start of this blog, but hadn’t updated any article under this category.

Yesterday, I recalled Shorte.st , the URL Shortner that I used in the early days of my Blogging. Today, I’ll be sharing my opinions on this URL shortner and explain how can you earn extra bucks from your blog using these.

What is Shorte.st ?

To being with, let me first explain what actually is Shorte.st.

Shorte.st is another URL Shortner that allows you to earn money on visits on your shortened links. If you are confused about what are URL shortners, read this post where I explained What are URL Shortners.

Shorte.st has a beautiful GUI, easy to navigate dashboard and flexible ways of earning for bloggers and website owners.

Shorte.st Review – Features

This tool is packed up with several features which will help you earn money through your blog/website apart from having a easy to use and understand user interface for dashboard.

It has amazing features such as –

  • Detailed Statistics
  • Website Script
  • Quick Link
  • Developer API
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Social Share Widget
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Blogspot Comments
  • Twitter Feed and deliver it integration

These tools make it convenient for users to earn some extra bucks out of their blog and website. It will work awesome if you own a blog with decent traffic or if you run a blog or website where you provide downloadable softwares or songs etc.

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Detailed Statistics : The Dashboard has a easy and convenient Dashboard where you can see how much you have made from the various available ways on this tool. You can also filter your data or check for your earnings under a specific period of time. You can also check how much your referrals you gained and how much profit you gained through them.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”blue” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Website Script : If you have a big website with hundred’s of pages, it would hard for you to connect and link each and every page. However with the Website script, you merely need to place a piece of code in your website and every link will turn into a monetized link, which makes it very convenient for web-masters to monetize their website. You can also configure and select between the ad types.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Quick Link : If you need to provide a quick link to someone and don’t have enough time to login and shorten via dashboard, you can paste your API token ( provided after registration ) between URL and http://sh.st/st/. A quickly shortened link would look like http://sh.st/st/e9da1166044b081ce908dbe80ce0b44c/yourdestinationlink.com.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”blue” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Mass Shrinker : Sometimes we have multiple links to shorten and the normal link shortner doesn’t seem enough. That is where the mass shrinker tool comes to help. Here you can enter all the links you want to shorten separated by a comma, adding one link per line and the tool would convert and shorten every link into a monetized link.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Social Share Widget : If you use their social media buttons on your page, the articles shared on social media would open via monetized link and there would be an advertisement between the click and destination link. It is beneficial if you own a clickbait website or if you can embed a social locker and provide a worth downloadable stuff.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”blue” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]WP Plugin : For WordPress Users, this tool comes up with a plugin with which you can manage everything of your account from your wordpress dashboard itself. Not only it is convenient, but it also helps wp bloggers to boost their earnings by monetizing their website through various tools and options available.[/asg-content-box] [asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]Blogspot Comments : The creators of Shorte.st haven’t forget blogspot users either. They also have a script which you can embed in your template and enjoy monetization on your blog’s comments section. In this way, every outbound link would be converted into monetized link.[/asg-content-box]

Not only this, Shortest offers a much more better payout rate compared to the rest of URL shortners out there. The Payout rates can be checked on their official website. The website offers a whopping $15 rate for United States. This means if you have good audience from the united states, you can earn a pretty decent amount from your blog and website.

The good rates are not limited for US, Countries such as UK, Canada and Australia are also payed good amount.

[asg-button color=”red” link=”https://shorte.st/?utm_source=review&utm_medium=InboundA&utm_campaign=reviewInboundA” newwindow=”true”]Sign Up for Shorte.st and Make Money[/asg-button]

Conclusion : Based upon its beautiful dashboard, easy to use interface, features and payout rates, I would rate it 4 out of 5. It is surely a worth to use URL shortner for those who have a blog with a decent amount of visitor flow or a website where downloadable items are provided.

So, What are your views on Shorte.st ?

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