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My Refund Policy

return policy

Since I provide my own services, I thought it would be convenient for clients if I put a Refund policy page on this blog.

This Refund / Return policy governs how payments are handled by me, and this is something I’d like to put on table  before beginning to work with anyone.

Before I reveal my return policy, I’d like to know the following –

  • I’ve written for several clients and business online, and thereby know what my quality is worth.
  • I provide revisions and editing on articles until my clients are satisfied. This means that if you are not happy with my final draft, you can even ask me for revision after making the payment.
  • To ensure the best quality, I work in co-ordination with the client. You can either pay me full payment upfront or pay me 50% in advance and rest afterwards.

Because I know what my quality is worth and I provide multiple revisions, I DO NOT provide any refunds. However you can ask me for limited number of revisions on your project unless you are satisfied.