Rachit Singh: Never on Rest

Someone had been blackmailing Mr. Rampson from the last 10 years.
After dealing with the all those black-mailing calls & guilt inside him, he
decides to set Roman on a hunt to find the Blackmailer and shut this
once in for all.
On his hunt, Roman finds out, that the blackmailer died 5 years ago.
Now, the question is, who had been continuing all the blackmailing
and why was he blackmailing Mr. Rampson ?

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Reader on

“I dare anyone to guess the blackmailer by reading the first four chapters. The whole thing solves only in the last chapter. I loved the interaction between Lanny and Roman. Amazing work sir.”

About the Author: Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an author, marketer and public speaker. Has been passionate about writing and marketing since his childhood. Always had a keen interest in telling stories.

Never on Rest : Past Returns
Get yourself a suspense-packed book and dive into a crime fiction series roaming around Roman, a young and witty detective. With his sense of humor & wit, Roman gets to crack, even the most tight cases.
This is the second edition of Never on Rest.
The third edition is scheduled to be released soon.

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