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importance of goal setting

Importance of Goal Setting in Life


I took control of my life right after completing school.

Due to this, a lot of parents ask me to ‘guide’ their child so that he can start thinking about his/her future.

And, from the conversations that I’ve had with various teens, the biggest problem I see is that there is no goal setting.

Majority of the times, when I ask

‘What do you want to do in your life ?’

the reply is,

‘I haven’t planned yet..’.

At that time, it might not look like a big issue to that teenager, but trust me, no goal setting has a huge impact later on in the life.

What happens when you don’t have any goals?

importance of goal settingSee, when you don’t have any goals, external factors such as friends, relatives, and society are able to mold your thinking and pushing you into the same rat race everyone is running.

I’ve met dozens of such teenagers who I asked what they wanted to be in their life.

In the first meeting, they told me that they had no idea. But, after I met them again after some months, they told me that they wanted to be an engineer or pursue something quite common.

When asked how they came to this decision, their answer is “everyone” recommended it.

The ‘everyone’ here is friends, society uncle and aunts, relatives and sometimes even school teachers.

They were able to mold your thinking because you had no clear goal of what you have to do in life.

As they say, a child’s mind is like clay, you can mold it the way you want. This applies to teenagers as well.

When you don’t have any clear goal as of what to do in life, other people start making recommendations.

This way, you never think about what you actually like to do or want to be, you just go with the flow and join the rat race.

Importance of goal setting in life

Clear vision of end goal

When you don’t have a proper goal, all you do is waste your energy doing multiple things, and excelling in none. It feels like you are doing lots of stuff, but you aren’t what you should.

All you are doing is dividing your energy and caliber in multiple places and working for someone else’s goal.

How can you devote your life to something that you haven’t even figured out yet?

Figuring out your goal would give you a clear vision of what you want in your life. From there, you begin living a different life. All your energy, time and efforts are then channeled towards the things that really will contribute in your life.

For example, when I was a normal school student, I liked to be with friends and hang out with the girl friend, but now, I look at these things as time waste.

It pushes you forward

pushes you forwardMotivation comes from within once you set a goal for your life. After that, motivation keeps pumping. These goals then act as reminders to your brain and ultimate source of motivation. There are going to be hard times. In these times, you can’t be motivated with movies and songs.

Only your inner voice at that time can get you pumped.

Personally, I get to face failures on a regular basis. But they don’t make me sad. Sometimes, when I am low, I sit down and think about my end goal and meditate.

This includes all the things that I have in my mind. I then imagine how it awesome it would be. Then, I get motivation from inside that pushes me forward again.

Goals dig out the best you from inside

digging best versionIf I look back to what I was 4 years ago, I can say that I am in a much better state now.

This is because, 2 years back, I figured out what I had to do with my life and how I’d do it.

Right after that, every step I took was an advance on the way to my end goal. My goals helped me tackle situations and reach new heights, unlock more challenges and stretch beyond a normal student.

Setting up goals is much like having a map while traveling. When you have a map, you know where you want to go and how to go there. If you don’t have a map, you just wonder here and there entertaining others.

So, if you want to do something meaningful with your life, figure out a goal.

Conclusion – The thing that bothers me, is that majority of teenagers I’ve talked with have no specific goal in life.

Everyone should have a goal in their life.

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