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measure effictiveness of email marketing

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaign


Wondering why your Email marketing campaigns don’t lead to any traffic ?

Well, it is not only you, there are several bloggers and marketers like you.

Above all, if you don’t collect emails by thinking that readers don’t open emails anymore, then you are making a huge mistake. Email marketing still works, and will continue to do so in future too.

Few days ago, I wrote a post titled How to decide the quality of your content, this post will take things to the next level by explaining How can you Measure the Effectiveness of your Email marketing campaigns or Newsletters.

measure effictiveness of email marketing

These are some of the tweaks which would help you make your newsletter more effective.

Play With Your Subject Lines

play around with subject lines

Your Subject line is the first piece of content that your readers see. They act up as the first check post which you need to pass successfully in order to move to next hurdles or check posts.

One can measure the effectiveness of its subject line based on the number of “opens”. He / she can also compare the open rates of a newsletter from a previous one with different heading.

You should consistently tweak your Email’s subject line in order to land up to the perfect line that works. To keep things running smooth and land to your perfect subject line quickly, you can get hold of these strategies.

Write Subject lines that

  • Invoke excitement and immediate call to action in your reader’s mind upon reading
  • Use words that relate to your brand
  • If possible, use the first name of receiver in the subject line. Readers always love reading their own names.
  • Fit under 50 characters ( or maybe less ), as most of the mobile devices have displays that can display only that much.
  • Aren’t being re-used. Create unique title for your newsletters, same like you create unique content for your website/blog.

You should also consider running split tests ( If your Email marketing tool supports it ). By doing these tests and observing open rates of different subject lines, you’d be able to record which of your subject lines work well and sort out those who don’t perform well.

email subject line

Craft two subject lines for each of your campaign and send half newsletters with one headline and rest half with second headlines – after this calculate which headline bought more opens and clicks.

Use Multiple Anchor Text for Same Link

use multiple text for same link

What is your main goal in Email marketing ?

To get more visitors to your blog or website, from there you can get them read your content, or get them to land on your landing or squeeze pages and perform the required action.

To track how well your newsletter performs that task, you’d need to track your CTR ( Click through Rate ) or open rates for your links.

If you witness increase your CTR, it means more readers are engaging with your content and your content is actionable.

To accomplish this, you can follow this two-step approach –

  • Link to same URL on website multiple times in a single email.
  • Use different context each time to describe link.
multiple anchor text

Bend it like Neil Patel

Neil Patel does this job quite well, and applies both of these hacks in his newsletters. You can get an idea of how to tweak your newsletter from his writing style.

If your Email marketing platform allows you to track “Opens” based upon anchor text, you should also track the anchor text that lead to more clicks.

Focus on Engagement Rates

focus on engagement rate

Would it be any profit for you, if people are merely open your Emails and not engaging with them?

The prime motto of sending a newsletter is to get readers towards on your website – either for reading the content or may be performing a specific action.

It might happen that they are merely opening them, or getting served a mere preview by their respective Inbox applications. If they delete it immediately after that – congratulations, your whole efforts went down the drain !

Depending on your Email Marketing tool, the terms for “Open” and “Engage” might differ. For Mailchimp users, It is Open rates and Click rates.

To judge your Newsletters, you should focus on Click rates rather than only focusing on open rates.

It needs a perfectly crafted subject line to increase the open rates, but after that you need to provide even more appealing content so that readers click and come to read at your website / blog.

Don’t Mess up Email Marketing

dont mess up

In above points , I mentioned that you should focus on A/B split testing. But you shouldn’t get carried away by this and mess things up.

Don’t test all your changes in a single attempt. If you do so, you won’t be able to differentiate changes while analyzing your emails.

Majority of the Email marketing providers such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Bronto, Aweber, Constant Contact and Infusionsoft include these prime metrics. However, most of them offer free service, but with some restrictions on subscriber list of number of newsletters which you can send.

I recommend beginning with a free tool, but as your campaigns improve, you should start investing in a paid marketing tool.

The more you deliver juice and quality content in the inbox of your readers, the more loyal they will turn towards you.

You should consider making changes in the anchor links, subjects links in separate emails as a part of your campaign.

It might happen that you toggle anchor texts and subject at the same time, and you won’t know which one performed and which one didn’t.

EMAIL writingConclusion – Writing a newsletter is quite like writing content for your blog, you shouldn’t use the same “template” or the same copy for every newsletter you send.

If you are reading this, I assume that you are aware that how beneficial are newsletters and lead generation. Above were some tricks that I’ve implemented in my newsletters to improve the reader retention.

It isn’t a big issue if you find yourself not being able to draft newsletters in the right way, you can get me on board for writing newsletters.

This won’t only save you time, but would also increase the number of returning users on your website/blog.

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Elise Forsyth Mort says

With any email marketing campaign, you should utilize some type of tracking or analytic software. By tracking your campaigns, you can determine what was successful and what failed. By using a combination of post-click analytics, coupon codes and link tracking, you will gain information to help you tweak your next email campaign into one that has a higher success rate.

    Rachit Singh says

    I Agree with what you said, thanks for commenting, it certainly adds value to the content.

Aloukik Rathore says

I really loved the 4th rule.
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