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how to grow dofollow backlinks to your blog

How to Grow Do-follow Backlinks With Minimal Efforts


One of the most important factors that decides your search result position is the number of backlinks that point towards your blog.

Normally, Google assumes that you work hard and grow backlinks on your way to success. But this now how stuff casually works. Most of the time bloggers don’t link out to competition, which obviously makes it hard to grow backlinks. Especially if you have a fresh blog.

Not only search engines but advertisers also judge a blog by its backlinks. The simple logic behind this is, if a blog or website is providing quality content, people will link to it.

Growing backlinks is important for two bloggers. One who wants traffic and second who wants advertisers.

How I understood the Importance of Backlinks ?

When I was growing my first blog : Hacknovations dot org, I went under the 100k mark on Alexa soon enough. But to my surprise , nothing happened.

After this I started working to improve my search results position for some specific keywords. For this, I needed to grow backlinks. As usual, I did research and started working. Before starting my blog had 23 Backlinks and other a month I achieved 50 new backlinks.

I used a lot of tactics that I grabbed from other blogs. With the increase in Backlinks, I saw a dramatic increase in backlinks as well as Emails from advertisers willing to advertise on my blog.

My Alexa was still dropping, but it made no impact on my profits or SERP.

As I said, You need backlinks either if you want traffic or advertisers. In this post , I am sharing the tricks I used to manually grow backlinks to my blog.

how to grow dofollow backlinks to your blog

How to Get Do-follow Backlinks Easily ?

Before moving on, let me make it clear that I am not going to reveal any software or endorse an online tool that grows your backlinks, because there is no such tool. If you find any such tool, I’ll suggest to avoid using it. Also the tips I am posting do require manual work !

The tricks I used have been listed as per their effectiveness.

Get Do-follow Backlinks via Blog commenting

If you do listen to my podcasts, you’d know that in a talk show with Neil patel, I discussed about Blog commenting. Neil revealed that how beneficial is blog commenting.

A lot of bloggers ( Including Neil and also me ) always say that you should comment for relationship building not for the sake of growing backlinks.

Mashable grew its traffic with blog commenting in its early phase. You should indeed comment for building relationship, but if there is a benefit stick to it, there is no harm utilizing it.

If you do want to get along using Blog commenting as tool for generating backlinks, you should be careful about three things.

  • Getting backlinked from similar blogs
  • Not getting backlinked from blacklisted websites and blogs
  • Commenting more often on commentluv enabled blogs

Getting backlinked from similar niche blogs Often people get carried away while commenting. To rank on search results, you need to grow backlinks from blogs in your niche.

It goes likes this, If you have a technology blog, getting backlink from food blog won’t be as effective as getting a backlink from another technology blog.

Not Getting linked from blacklisted websites and blogs Not only you should work on linked from similar niche blogs, you should also work on not getting backlinked from blacklisted website.

If you want to know whether a domain is blacklisted or not, Enter site:www.examplesite.com and search. If a website hasn’t been yet blocked, it would surely be indexed and show the number of pages in search results. If your search results end Zero, than the website has been blacklisted.

search results

You can also enter the domain name on blacklis to know if it has been blocked or not.

Commenting more often on Commentluv enabled blogs Not only you should comment on blogs and websites under your niche ; but you should also prefer commenting more on blogs that have commentluv enabled blogs.

What is Commentluv ?

Commentluv is a free plugin that encourages user to comment by promoting one of his up to last 10 posts under his comment. A lot of blogs in the industry ( including mine ) have commentluv enabled.


Once you check the box beside commentluv, you can select from up to 10 of your latest posts. Your selected post would then be promoted below your comment.

There is another twist in commentluv. Due to SEO norms, a lot of blogs only give nofollow links. But still a lot of blogs provide Dofollow links in comments. Some choose the middle way and provide Do-follow backlinks to those who are an active reader of their blog. In this case, you will start getting dofollow backlinks once you have commented a specific times ( mostly 10 ).

Before beginning, I’d like to tell you that I allow dofollow links for comments.

How to find Commentluv Enabled Blogs in Your Niche ?

Before setting further, you’d need NoDoFollow Add on for Firefox to make things easier. This add-on helps you differentiate between nofollow links and dofollow links. According to their nature, addon highlights dofollow links in blue and nofollow in pink.

nofollow dofollow

The above screenshot shows how links are highlighted on my blog. ( Above is an excerpt from my homepage ).

Now, using Google you can dig out Commentluv enabled blogs in your niche.

You just have to search for the right keyword. Suppose you need backlinks from “food” niche. In that case your keyword is “food”.

The desired keyword can be short or long tail keyword as per your need.

Using the operators, you can sort google results as per your choice. The operators are mentioned below, You have to search using them as a query. So, Go to www.google.com and type the following in search query :-

  • Keyword+”This blog uses Premium commentLuv”
  • “Long tail Keyword”+”This blog uses Premium commentLuv”

You should note that I am using Double quotes in long tail keywords. This is done to avoid garbage results. An example of such search is given below.

google results

By doing a clever search like this, you’d narrow down to blogs that are in your niche and have commentluv as well. Next you need to open these blogs and analyze if they provide dofollow baclinks with the NoDofollow Add-on.

Using the Add-on is quite simple, open any webpage, right click and select “NoDoFollow” . The Add on will quickly show dofollow links in blue and nofollow in pink. Sort out blogs that allow dofollow comments and leave your comments on those blogs.

How to Comment – the right way !

how to comment the right way

Like most of the professional things, commenting too needs manners. You can’t just go on commenting random shit with hope of getting approved. I know this because I have rejected more than 350 comments that were commented for generating backlinks instead of joining the discussion.

Below are some suggestions using which you can get your comment approved easily.

  • Do not put keywords instead of your name. Blogs don’t like comments from random keyword on their website. Not only it makes their comment section fake, it also troubles their keyword density.
  • Write comments that really add up to the conversation. A Blogger or moderator can easily differentiate between legit and spam comment.
  • Further more, don’t spam ! Plugins easily catch spam. My Blog has even been configured to block an IP after bot spam is received from it. Also, I manually block an IP if it is human spam.
  • Have an Gravatar image. It helps bloggers let know you are real. 99% of spam is from people without Avtar image.

Getting Backlinks for desired Anchor text

The problem with generating backlinks from commenting is that you most often get backlinks from the same anchor text. Google considers this as an spam and can hurt your rankings as well.

To solve this problem, you can generate backlinks with forum submission.

Forums are place where people discuss their problems on various topics. As a blogger you can use Forum submission to get dofollow backlinks.

You can submit your website and get high quality backlinks. Additionally you also have freedom of selecting Anchor text. Below are few websites where you can submit your websites and get backlinks.

Generate Backlinks the Ideal way

If you don’t so much manual work, you can generate backlinks the ideal way ( Like I do now ). Going the ideal way means focusing on the content quality and letting others naturally link back to you.

This method takes time and results are seen after quite a good time.

This is indeed the path search engines want you to take.

How do you Generate Backlinks ?

If you feel this post isn’t complete, let me know more methods of Backlink generation in the comments below. You can tell which method you are currently using too.

Before leaving, please drop down your favorite method of backlink generation in comments section.

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”Research Work” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”true” showcontent=”false”]http://enstinemuki.com/dofollow-backlinks-google-page-one/ http://www.binarynote.com/easiest-method-to-find-high-quality-do-follow-commentluv-enabled-blogs.html

About the Author Rachit Singh

Rachit is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and marketer. Contributes at several publications and blogs, and has been a part of expert roundups. He is passionate about Businesses ( how they work ), online marketing, and telling Stories.

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Arun Negi says

Rachit one more awesome article from you. I liked it very much. I think these ideas will help me in growing my new blog.
Thank you very much.

    Rachit Singh says

    Glad Arun that you found it useful. I Will be more than happy to see your blog grow. Keep coming for more updates.

Alex Partridge says

Growing do follow back links has always been a problem for me so great advice like this is gold! I think I will definitely be implementing some of these strategies for my site soon and hopefully I will see some great results.

    Rachit Singh says

    Thanks Alex, I checked out your blog, looks great. Just some minor sorting needed. I am glad you found the advice helpful, keep coming often for more such posts.

Kathleen Desio says

Great post! I have been trying to work consistently on increasing good backlinks to my site and I installed Commentluv (dofollow) to return the favor. Thanks so much!

    Rachit Singh says

    Thanks Kathleen and Welcome to my blog, I am glad you liked the post. You did the right thing, comments on your blog will certainly hike up.

Nishadha says

These are some great methods to get some powerful back links. However they will take some time if you’re doing them all manually. Another things to remember is if the link is easy to get its easy to replicated as well. So always a good idea to balance them with authority links.
Nishadha recently posted…Create Infographics Online With Creately

Stephanie says

Good content, we love using commentluv here at gwazoo.com it makes searching so much easier. I stumbled upon it one day as I was researching other methods for backlinks. Thanks for the info and keep up the great work!

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Stephanie,

    Nice E-commerce Website You’ve maintained.I am glad you liked the post, keep coming for more great piece of information.

Gerhard Homveld says

Hi Rachit

Great post. I personally really enjoy using commentluv blogs for commenting, engaging and building backlinks. I’ve been using commentluv blogs for some time now, and also recently added commentluv premium to my own blog. This helped me increase the number of comments my blog posts receives, as well as helped me engage more with my audience.

Thanks for sharing this.
– G
Gerhard Homveld recently posted…How To Get Free Website Traffic With These 3 Proven Strategies

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Gerhard,

    Nice to see you here, welcome to my blog. I am happy with the results you saw with commentluv premium on your blog.

    Do come back for more such posts.

SY Abuzar says

Dofollow backlinks are essential for any blog. You have mentioned some great search strings to find Commentluv blogs. Currently I am using Dropmylink to find dofollow backlinks.

Thanks for this helpful guide.

    Rachit Singh says

    DropmyLink is a pretty useful tool. I Also love using it. Will mention it in the post as well. Thanks for your comment.

Mp3 Man says

These are some great methods to get some powerful back links. However they will take some time if you’re doing them all manually
Thanks a lot !

Siddaiah Thirupati says

Hi Rachit,

Backlinks are very important to rank better in search engines, I am blogging since 2 years I never concentrated on building backlinks because of this reason my blog not yet picked up as I expected.

Recently started focusing on building backlinks forum posts will increase traffic as well brings some backlinks to our blog, I am glad that I landed in this post which has forum list information, thanks for sharing the information, see you soon.

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Siddaiah,

    Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you realized the importance of link building. I Hope you will see results soon. Come here again.

Renee Groskreutz says

First, this is a great post but in particular I really like your manners on commenting section.
I had no idea that you could block IP addresses like that. When I am done here, I need to Google that. Thank you for noting that.

At this point, do you spend time on Forums or just focus on your content?

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Renee,

    You First need to build up a small content to promote. Once you have that you should go ahead and promote it on forums and other blogs via blogging.

    Thank you for commenting. Hope to see you here again.

Joe says

Wonderful post. I’ve put lots of my efforts on increasing do follow backlinks to my website. Lucky me I’ve found your site. Hope that your advice could help me make it easier. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nazish says

These are some great methods to get some powerful back links. However they will take some time if you’re doing them all manually
Thanks a lot !
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Marie Bennett says

It’s very informative information great article.
Thanks for Sharing.

Daniel Palmier says

Hey Rachit,
I ma first-time visits on your website and I really like your article, You giving me a great knowledge about Backlinks, You define very well,Thanks a lot for wonderful sharing with an online.
With Regards,
Daniel Palmier.

    Rachit Singh says

    Thanks Daniel,

    I am glad you liked the article, keep coming back for more such articles.

Hemant Kumar Arya says

Hey Rachit,
Thank you a big big time buddy! 
I was looking for something like this for so long. How came I have not seen this post yet?? You are in my bookmark now (y) Thank a million zillion trillion times!!
I have a question if you could give me an answer please?
Suppose I found broken links on any blog, now I should let the webmaster of that blog know that he got broken links? Or go to the broken links resource?
Thank You.. 🙂
Hemant Kumar Arya recently posted…Top 5 Ways to Create Quality Backlinks For Your Blog.

    Rachit Singh says

    You should let the webmaster know about the broken link.

    I am glad you liked the article. Do come back for more.

iprism says

Thank You for sharing your article. This is very informative article to Do-Follow Back links.
Keep it up.

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that is really a great article i was looking for such kind of article for many days and you have provided .Thanks #dude for sharing this post with us

Santanu says

Back link building will be always a crucial way to get traffic. But now a days it is termed as earning back link rather than building backlink although we all are following the typical ways. Thanks for explaining in such detail.
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Walter says

I always put much effort into this aspect,
but penalty from Google is what scares me the most.
Seems safe though

Santanu says

This is a great guide rachit. Building back link has become more tedious job this days as one have to keep in mind about Google penalty as well. Slowly building backlink by blog commenting, guest posting is what recommended today. Thanks for this article.
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George says

Hello Rachit!
A great post; Thanks for sharing this wonderful post about how to Grow Do-follow Backlinks With Minimal Efforts.
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Jamie Works says

Well the article is really useful about getting do-follow links easily!
but i am wondering that how many do-follow links are safe to have as i heard that no-follow backlinks should also be there. what do you think Rachit about it?

    Rachit Singh says

    There should be a balance between dofollow and nofollow Jamie 🙂 THanks for commenting, come here more often.

ethleen edgar says

Hi Rachit,

It is a very nice and informative article to get quality backlinks.

I stared following manually creating backlink process i.e by commenting on other blogs and appreciating blogger’s credibility.
I started leaving my blog’s url on dofollow comments blog’s and on forums too. But this also made me worried sometimes.

So, please solve my query about spamming. Does it can be considered as spamming. Is commenting and leaving links of post on forums is spamming.

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After a great hard work. I’ve found this to Do-Follow backlinks to my blog posts.
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Very good and detail guide to backlink building. Backlinking can be very demanding and time consuming. this article gave some very good money making and time saving tips. thanks for sharing this very inspiring and helpful post.

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mrFleas says

I started blogging last year and in my quest to improve my blog,I got to know about backlinking from various sites.Stumbled on your site today and I think my knowledge about backlinks has improved. Thanks for sharing dude

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Vijay says

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forhad says

Their is no easy or shortcut way. If you try to do instantly google will send you the panda security. So for better in future we have to move forward step by step.

nazim says

Hi Rachit
Very good and detail guide to backlink building. Backlinking can be very demanding and time consuming Thank you this is very importance for me but if you need portfolio free bootstrap template and also coming soon landing page templates
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Mansoor Bhanpurawala says

Dofollow backlinks are essential for any blog. You have mentioned some great search strings to find Commentluv blogs. Currently, I am using Dropmylink to find do follow backlinks.

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