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Hellobar Review – Plus Get Hellobar Pro for FREE !

Review of: Hellobar

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On April 13, 2016
Last modified:April 13, 2016


Hellobar is an Online Lead Generation Tool Which Offers Various Styles, Goal Making and Much More Features. It Comes from non other than Neil Patel.

hellobar review

Lead generation ( Collection user’s email ) is one of the key elements of making a blog successful. Talking about lead generation, being such an important element, there are a lot of plugins and solutions for creating sign-up forms. One of such lead generation solutions is Hellobar.

I’ve been using Hellobar across various blogs that I own, and results have always been positive.

Unlike many plugins available for lead generation, hellobar puts a different approach towards creating notification bar or pop-ups etc. It doesn’t store any content, such as images on your blog. Every thing is loaded from their server. This doesn’t effect blog’s loading speed.

In this review, I’ll highlight how can you use Hellobar on your blog to capture leads. In addition to this, I will also highlight how to get Hellobar premium for FREE.

How Hellobar is beneficial for Bloggers ?

lead generation

The above illustration shows the importance of lead generation. I’ve tried to demonstrate as clear I could.

It doesn’t matter in which niche you are, you should always collect emails. The reason behind all this is that returning traffic is the best traffic. Returning traffic is more profitable as well.

Readers who return to your blog often are more likely to buy from you compared to first timers. You should also collect emails even if you are not planning to sell anything. It will help you get a quick burst of traffic after you publish articles.

Hellobar Review – Features & Usage

This tool has been specially designed to help bloggers pickup more emails off their blog, increase social media exposure or drive traffic to a landing page. Recently Hello bar also added a feature where you could let your readers call you.

There are several ways you can use Hellobar, the tool mentions them as “Goals”. There are currently 4 Types of Goals.

hellobar goal types

  • Promote a Sale/Discount : This goal type helps you drive traffic to a particular page on your blog. You can use this goal type to drive traffic to your landing page/squeeze page etc.
  • Talk to Your Visitors : This is the new Goal type that has been added recently. With this you can let your users contact you.
  • Grow Your Mailing list : It is as simple as it sounds. It helps you collect emails from your blog. This should be considered as the most important goal.
  • Get facebook likes : It only says facebook likes, it can help you get facebook likes, shares, twitter followers, tweets, etc.

For each of these goals, you have 4 methods of integrating them. These methods decide how these goals are displayed on your blog. The styles are as follows :-

  • hellobar stylesBar : This is perhaps the most used style of the hellobar. It displays a notification bar at either top or bottom of your blog. You can do any goal using the bar ( or any other style ).
  • Modal : Using the Modal Style type you can create pop-ups on your blog. Pop-up creation is fairly simple, it includes merely two or three steps and you are ready to go. It even includes an option to add photo in your pop-up.
  • Slider : With the slider style type you can create simple sliders that slide in, in your blog from side. It can be used in many ways, and fits in all goal types.
  • Page Takeover : Page takeover, much like its name suggests, it takes over the whole page. It is kind of a pop-up, except it takes the complete page. It is best to use this style for lead generation.

Get Hellobar Pro For FREE

hellobar pricing

Hellobar comes at a price. It also has a Basic plan which comes free of cost. However it has limited features. You can create only 10 Bars, and you would have Hellobar logo on every content.

Additionally you won’t be able to completely edit your bars or pop-ups.

hellobar premium offer

But, I have a solution for that ! You can get the PRO package which costs $12 per month absolutely FREE ! Just click on the banner below and you’ll get Pro package at no cost. [ Get Hellobar premium for free ]

How to Benefit From Hellobar ?

Method 1. By Lead Magnet

Lead magnet is any freebie that you offer in lieu of email address of the reader. That freebie can by any thing ranging from E-book, case-study or any thing that you can offer as a bribe.

This will increase the number of clicks on your bar. If you are beginner you should focus on creating an Email list. However if you have fair amount of traffic, you can promote your products or services.

Method 2. Drive traffic to Landing Page

Landing page is that page on your blog which has only a single goal – to sell your products or collect emails. Creating that page is important, but more important is that it gets traffic.

To drive traffic towards that landing page, you can make use of Hellobar.

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”blue” boxtitle=”Hellobar for Affiliate Marketers” boldtitle=”true” boxexpand=”false” showcontent=”false”]If you are an affiliate marketer, there is an special offer you inside the Hellobar. You can get Hellobar’s Pro version by simply promoting it across your blog. The process is quite simple. You sign-up for hellobar free account and get an affiliate link to promote. If anyone sign-ups using your affiliate link, both of you will get Hellobar pro for FREE ![/asg-content-box]

Conclusion – Using hellobar is beneficial. There are several reasons for which I love using hellobar. These reasons include fast loading of bar, no burden on your wordpress blog and easy customization.

However, there is also a downside in hellobar. It doesn’t offer much customization as compared to other lead generation plugins. Services such as sumo-me, offer much more customization when compared to Hellobar.

Still Hellobar is an awesome tool. For beginners its a tool which deserves a try. Using Hellobar is fairly simple, a few simple steps and you are ready to go. Hellobar also offers A/B or Split testing to test which bar performs better than rest.

As per my opinion, Hellobar is a Worth to use Lead generation tool. Taking a look at its price and how easy it is to use, I Would rate it 4 out of 5. I deducted one point due to less number of options available in customization.

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Lutfar says

like Hellobar as well Neil patel.
Please clear about their affiliate marketing.

    Rachit Singh says

    Hello Lutfar,

    Their affiliate marketing plan is simple. You promote your affiliate link, and if any one sign-ups using that link, both of you get premium hellobar for free.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope this works.

Emmanuel says

I’m glad to say I was one of the pioneers to try out Hello bar when it was launched on one of my blogs. It’s good to know there are now more interesting features.

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