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gorakhpur diary

Gorakhpur Diary #2 – Story and Pictures


Chances are, that if you are reading this, you know me.

And if that’s the case, you’d also know how much I love my hometown.

Recently, I was there for 10 days. I was there for my sister’s birthday. It’s the time of the year when summer changes to winter.

Some people find it very troubling because a lot of people get fever around this time.

But for me, this time is soothing.

Especially if I spend this time in Gorakhpur, it gets even better.

I wanted to make a vlog about this, but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to make one. So, I am writing down my vacation in a blog post.

Morning tea

The Morning Tea

I and my brothers went out for some tea and snacks the morning I reached. One of them had school, but he bunked his classes and spent the day with us. We first went to get some tea and biscuit. I go to my hometown once in a year so somehow my brother forgot that I don’t drink tea and bought three cups of tea and biscuit.

They were planning what to do with that extra tea when an old came begging. I thought for a second and then handed over the tea to him. I drink coffee at night, it feels good, and I think a hot tea in morning would have been good for that old chap too.

Rachit hospital

Your boi has a hospital named after him !

On the second day, I went with my uncle for some site seeing and saw this hospital on the way.

Can you imagine how cool it was for me ?

Seeing my name on a hospital board?

It’s because I have a very unique name and not a lot of people have this name. So, I felt very cool that I have a hospital named after me.

Morning Maggie

Figure out why we had sauce in Noodles?

After drinking tea ( 1st image ), we went to the nearby snack shop and had maggie ( noodles ). They tasted good, but the price was so high. At the price we ordered one plate, all of us could’ve eaten maggie if we made it at home.

Nevertheless, we made maggie at home when we returned. We made 6 packets maggie and ate all of them.

I don’t really understand why my brother ordered maggie in the first place. But still, it was tasty.

normal diet

This is how much I eat.

Every time I come back, all my friends ask how I get a bit fat and tall when I return.

This pic is an answer to all their questions.

This is the normal diet that I take when I am in my hometown. Also, I don’t have an option since my grandma insists me to eat more and more.

Also, this diet is both healthy and tasty.


Your Boi eats a lot #lol

If the above picture left any stone unturned to prove that I eat a lot, this image would do it.

I had a dinner over at my uncle’s with both of my brothers.

It was a great time, we enjoyed and ate a lot. Also, we played games and watched the Escape plan.

chicken roll

Midnight Meal

One of my brothers had to leave on one day, so we decided to roam in nights and got to eat chicken rolls.

But since I avoid eating non-veg, I had a normal paneer roll.

It was good, I never really ate a paneer roll before. It also had onions cut up it, overall, it was good.


Dessert at last

I don’t really know how to explain what this is to my international audience.

All I can say is it’s kind of a Dessert, but not for young boys.

It’s something that is eaten after dinner. But, there are some people who just eat it anyway.

It’s called paan. These ones were good. ( It’s so funny that the auto-correct is suggesting “Did you mean pain ?” )

Final words – Oh boy, such an awesome trip it was. I did so much more but couldn’t capture all those in pictures. I took out a dog for a walk. I and my brother played racing games and much more.

But still, I hope you understand what an awesome trip I had.

If you liked the post, leave a comment below and tell me stories of your vacations, trips and hometown.

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Vidisha Kaithal says

Wao!! It’s quite evident how much fun you had from this post πŸ™‚ Enjoyed reading!
Ps non veg roll would have been better though πŸ˜›

Aloukik Rathore says

Your boi is having more fun than ever. Feeling good for you as I know how much you enjoy these small happy moments. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

Kunal Sinha says

Wanna Have Fun With You In Gorakhpur ! 😊

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