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Giveaway #1 – Free Domains and Premium Hosting !


Giveaway FirstIf you’ve been visiting this blog in the recent days, you ‘d know that I wasn’t updating it that frequently. This is because I was stuck with some work at Scribbify ( the content marketing firm that I founded ). Also, if you didn’t know, I have started a youtube channel for bloggers. Don’t worry this blog is not going anywhere.

As of now, everything is sorted out, and I will start blogging actively on this blog as well as others from this week.

Not only this, I have one more good news for you guys, I am offering a giveaway for you guys.

By taking part in this giveaway you can win a free .com domain and a premium hosting.

Isn’t this sweet ?

Since most of you are bloggers, I don’t need to mention what sort of things you can do with a hosting and a domain.

So, without wasting any further time, below is the giveaway.

Important points

  • To take part in the giveaway, it is essential that you subscribe to me on Youtube. Also by subscribing me there, you’d get instant information about future giveaways and QandA’s. I will also publish a lot of Video Podcasts there. SO make sure that you subscribe.
  • Comment down your name with which you subscribed so that I can verify it from my end.

Here is some basic information about the giveaway

  • The giveaway is being sponsored by everdata.
  • There are 5 domains and hostings to be won.
  • One Person can get only one domain and hosting.
  • You will get a .com domain and a Linux premium hosting ( worth one year )


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Milan Makwana says

Hi Rachit

I wanted to buy domain name and hosting as well but there always some kind of problems.

Now as i have got opportunity to win i will try Luck !

I have Planned Little bit in advance if i won in this giveaway.

(1) I wanted to start a Tech Channel and serve to Local People about the basics of Internet and Education Updates.

I already started it but i have blogspot.in at the end of that domain.
Although i am doing this for free so i didnt want to make new domain purchase and hosting for wordpress blog.

Creating content is easy but blog management is quite Difficult on Blogger Platform. I have worked on WordPress Blog and i Know Power of WP.

If i Won then i am planing to migrate that free domain to that one and fully serve the purpose.

Shantanu Patil says

Hey Rachit,
Thankyou for creating this giveaway, I’m visiting your all blogs from the day i started blogging because of you i know many concepts of blogging.

Keep sharing your knowledge , Happy blogging!

If i won this giveaway I’m planning to create a blog on wordpress niche 🙂

Aymen Raissi says

Yhanks Bro

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