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Disclosure Policy

This disclosure policy governs how various stuff works on the rachit singh dot net blog. I blogged without this policy for more than a month. However, my advocate told me I need to put this on my blog if I am generating revenue from it.

So, here we go. If you use my blog which includes ( but is not limited to ) reading my posts, using my services and hiring me for work, you shall agree to the following points :-

  • Certain links on this blog are affiliate links. This means if you purchase after clicking on them, I get a small percent of that purchase as commission. However, this doesn’t increase the price of product for you.
  • Companies often pay me or reward me with free “premium” accounts to write about their product. However, I test their products and services before even thinking to write about them on this blog.
  • I share the tips and tricks which I’ve learned over the time. These tips have worked out for me, However , it is not necessary that you would certainly be able to repeat my success even by following the same exact steps.
  • I do not promote any scam method of Making money online on any of my blogs. All the posts that are filed under “Make Money” category are time tested and proven
  • Any message that you send to me through the contact form or directly to my email : Hello@rachitsingh.net ; you give me the authority to use that piece of information in any way.
  • If you hire me as a writer for your content writing needs, I will send you multiple drafts to land on final post. But, there would be no refund.
  • As the sole administrator of this blog, I hold the right to make changes to this policy with or without informing anyone.

This policy was published on :- 23rd December 2016 by Rachit Singh.