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Code of Ethics

These are the morals that I live by. I’ve been following them from a good time. The people who love me, love me for these ethics, and those who hate me, hate me for these ethics.

They are listed in no particular order.

Note : Don’t apply these rules without prior knowledge of where to apply them. Some rules are meant only for relationships, some for work and some for something else. Make sure you either ask me if you have a doubt.

1. Everyone you meet is dealing with some sort of problem in their life, so make sure that you treat everyone you meet with humbleness and be kind to them.

2. The world is full of hatred, love is sparse, try to love every small opportunity you get to enjoy.

3. If you meet someone is a need and you are capable of helping him/her without disturbing your life, help him/her.

4. Respect everyone around you, based on their hard work and efforts, not gender.

5. If you meet a fool, try to be silent, you can’t prove your point there.

6. Don’t go to a place where people don’t respect your individual authority.

7. Never go anywhere uninvited, unless anyone doesn’t specifically ask you to join a party, event or any other occasion, don’t go there.

8. Whatever people do to you ( backstabbing, ditching, insulting, saying something that hurt you ), forgive them for their mistake, but don’t forget it.

9. If someone rejects you, or you get rejected for something, leave it alone, trying to do that thing again and again with either hurt you or you will waste time. This doesn’t apply to work, this is meant for general relations.

10. You are in this world to make it a better place. Try to find happiness in other’s happiness.

11. Don’t reveal your plans before executing or while executing. People should come to know about it after it is done.

12. Value every relationship that you have i.e the friend you have for drinking, the friend you have for talking, the friend that helps you when you are in need and so on. Value every relationship, all of them somehow contribute to what you are.

14. You don’t need to prove your authority. If something goes wrong where you are not guilty, don’t try to prove that you aren’t guilty. It applies to relationships only, not to work and legal issues.

15. Work is ultimate worship and it comes first over most of the things.

16. You don’t need to prove your authority by showing off material things. Give others the chance to appreciate you.

17. If someone will feel better after abusing you or insulting you, let them do it. You are sensible, maybe they aren’t.

18. Don’t start a fight or argument, but if someone else does, make sure you finish it.

19. Value every person that you meet and have in life. But don’t let anyone come so close that they can play with your trust.

20. You don’t need anyone else to approve your plan, trust yourself and plan accordingly.

21. Listen to everyone, analyze wisely and at last, do what “you” feel is right.

22. Don’t do anything to please anyone. Those who love you will continue loving you and those who hate you, will hate you regardless.

23. The Majority of the people who are around you, like you, do so in order to get benefited from you, let them be there, help them as much as you can, but don’t expect anything back.

24. Expectations are the root cause of sadness, try not to expect anything from anyone.

25. Don’t share your problems with anyone. First, people are not interested in listening other’s problems as they already have a bunch of problems, second, if they are interested, they won’t do anything, they’ll just listen from one ear and then let go of it from the other one.

27. Don’t share your weakness as well. Not even to a friend, because if threatened or angry, he might spit it out. Try to hold your weakness to yourself and get rid of itself as soon as possible.

28. Work with proper strategy and planning. But, don’t expect anything. Work with no intentions of receiving anything. Work because you like that work.

29. Try to control your anger, try to let go of things as much as you can.

30. In the case when are angry, don’t follow or think about the code of ethics, try to be quite and calm down as soon as possible.