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Why Buyers Need to Change their Perception of Buying Content


Why Buyers need to change their perception of buying content

I’ve been professionally writing for one year now, although have been blogging for three years !

During my carrier as a content writer, I’ve served over hundred clients( not for bragging ! ). Some of them were good, some of them were average and some of them were cranky !

I am putting this in front because it is something you should know if you are aiming to hop in this profession some day.

Marketers always mention that “Content is the king“, even search engines reward quality posts with high rankings and traffic, but based upon the projects that I’ve been given to work upon, I’d say that buyers are still not realizing the value of a writer.

With this post, I want to share some ways in which buyers should change their thinking towards content writers.

It is an investment, not an expense !

investmentI’ve observed that buyers tend to think of content as an additional expense in running a website, not as an investment. On one hand they consider other things such buying logo, themes as an investment, but when it comes to buying content, they consider it to be expense.

I know from this my numerous talks that I’ve had with several clients.

This attitude needs to be changed as Content is more of an Investment than expense. Take it this way, once you upload an article on your website/blog, it will stay there for years.

In fact the only possible situations that it will go off your website is when you delete it yourself or your website is down. This statement applies to content as much as it applies to logo or theme. This is why you should consider hiring a freelance for writing needs as an investment instead calling it an “expense”.

You Never Succeed at Bargaining

content writer

This is What Your Writer Thinks After You Bargain

I like those clients who don’t bargain too much on my rates ( every body likes these type of clients ), Because I am more comfortable when I write at my price, and hence produce more awesome content.

The thing about bargaining is, you will never win in bargaining with a service provider – Especially a content writer. I am revealing this out because I write at both high and low rates. If you think you have successfully bargained with the writer you hired, you are wrong !

Whenever someone bargains and makes a writer write below his normal rates, you will see a significant reduction in the quality of the content.

I have observed that feeling in myself too !

When I am writing for a high paying client – I Write freely and merely look at how many words I’ve written. On the other hand, when I am writing for a low paying client, my focus is merely to fill up the requirements.

That might sound mean, but its the truth ! You can’t bargain with the one who is providing you content. Also, I see no point in bargaining if someone is asking for optimal rates.

We Make mistakes too !

mistakesYes, we are writers and therefore we are not suppose to make writing mistakes. But we are something more – Humans.

A few weeks ago, I submitted a project to one my clients who was totally in mood of getting away without paying. So, he started picking out mistakes in the content. He started off by saying that the content isn’t engaging and his list ended at – you’ve made a typo in the end.

The whole point was, he didn’t wanted to pay. If you spotted a typo in your writer’s article, be humble and correct it. All you need to do is right click and select appropriate spelling ( what we do most of the times ). Sometimes, they are even mistakes, they are slang used by the author that aren’t yet in the dictionary.

There are good buyers too ..

I am not proving that all of the clients are like this. I have also dealt with clients who understand the value of content marketer and deal accordingly. I have a big list of those buyers too.

If you are hoping to get into this business anytime soon, be ready to face off all sorts of clients ( both good, bad, high paying , low paying and never paying ).

Conclusion – I am also working as an all-time content writer for a private firm, due to which I’ve written on hell lot of topics. It is now quite a good time that I’ve been working up as a writer, and this is only one of things that I’ve had in mind.

If you are a content writer, I’d love to know your thoughts regarding this matter too.

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