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How Blogging Can Turn You Into Better Person


I’ve been blogging for three years, I know how beneficial it has been to me.

So, I thought I should take some time and share the benefits of blogging with everyone.

This is not to brag about how efficient I have become in something technical, but I am writing this to encourage others to dive into blogging.

I can perfectly re-call the time when I started blogging. I had no knowledge of where to start, how to start and what to do next.

I Just kept writing about stuff I liked and occasionally shared it along with friends. Over time as I continued writing down stuff, I learned a lot of stuff about blogging ; and I ended up creating a blog about blogging.

In this post , I’ll share How Blogging Can Turn You Into Better Person.

Benefits of Blogging – How Blogging Can Turn You into Better Person

how blogging can turn you into better person

Blogging Turns You Into a Better Writer 

Whether you are a blogger, or whether you aren’t , you should agree to this point.

Blogging can surely turn you into a better writer. I’ve been blogging for three years and I Know how much it has transformed and Improved my writing skills.

Now, I Know not all bloggers are good writers. But bloggers generally are a better writer than rest.

If you keep practicing something ; its no rocket science that you will eventually become better at that particular thing.

While blogging you get to write about several topics. This makes you learn more and more words and improves your vocabulary.

It Makes You an Expert in Your Subject 

For Writing one good post, you need to invest a lot of time in the research work. Blogging constantly for a topic makes you sort of expert in that particular topic and gives surface knowledge about topics associated indirectly with it.

I Started off by writing about software, cracks etc. Over time I Learned a lot about topics such as SEO, SMO, Blogging, Content Marketing and much more. These are the same topics I share my knowledge about.

You don’t only need to research while writing a post, after writing post several readers comment and ask their doubts. In order to clear those doubts, sometimes you need to do a further deeper research. Making you more and more comfortable about the topic.

If you continue writing quality articles about a subject, your blog will eventually establish as an expert in that particular niche too.

In Increases Your Exposure, You Meet New People

3 Years back, I have blogger friends, or I didn’t talk with Entrepreneurs and Company regarding providing them quality content etc !

Due to Blogging consistently over time, I have made new contacts. When you blog about a subject, you get to meet more and more people in that niche.

I don’t say a lot of people know me online, but certainly more people know me online now.

If you wish to increase your contacts, blogging is certainly a good way to build reputation and increase your reputation online.

Remain in Touch with your Subject

If you don’t do something for quite a while, things start to get a little blurry. It happens in almost every field. Suppose you have a wide passion for physics.

If you don’t read physics regularly , you might start forgetting formulas and laws. However if you have to write about physics on a regular basis, you won’t forget anything.

On the counter part, you will learn more and more physics. In same way Blogging helps you remain in touch with your subject.

You Learn a lot of Random things

A Blogger isn’t only a blogger ! He is a writer as he writes posts, he also behaves as a graphic designer when he has to design his blog’s logo and post images, he becomes a marketer when he has to spread his post to get more exposure.

As you can see, a blogger has to do so much things. When you do such things for quite a good time ; you naturally get a good understanding of it.

For example I never knew what were Infographics, but now I offer them in my content writing services. Over time you learn quite a lot of things while blogging.

Blogging Ignites the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I’ve noticed one change in me over time. After I Started blogging, I Started moving towards being an independent person instead of normal student.

Blogging is sort of an Entrepreneurial work when you are promoting your own services and product through your blog. It turns you into a better entrepreneur.

You get taste of various things such as failures , which are part of entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes traffic falls ( Which is like failure ) and then we work to get it back up.

It Makes You Financially Independent

I don’t know where I would have been if I was a normal student. But Being a blogger, I am financially independent from two years.

I’ve been making money through my blogs from the last two years. I even also share my money making methods in my make money online category.

Money isn’t one of the things that motivates me to blog. However when I need to prove other people that how effective is blogging, it comes handy.

Conclusion – In conclusion, we can derive that being a blogger is awesome ! It has so many benefits stick to it. Not only it helps us become a better writer, it also opens doors for being an entrepreneur.

I’ve been blogging for three years, and I know how beneficial it has been to me. I’ve made so many contacts online. I worked with so many clients and I learned so many new things.

Apart from the points that I mentioned above, there is one more point that I’d like to add. Blogging also lets you share your passion and grow it with ease.

When you become a blogger under a specific niche, people know that you like that topic.

So, What benefits do you get for being a blogger ?

About the Author Rachit Singh

Rachit is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and marketer. Contributes at several publications and blogs, and has been a part of expert roundups. He is passionate about Businesses ( how they work ), online marketing, and telling Stories.

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Adeel Sami says

Hello Rachit,

I so very agree with you that blogging can and for sure, make one a better person.

I still have not been into the commercial side of the blogging and apart from it, I work in a different field of the internet (not remotely connected to WordPress or blogging in any way), but I am somewhat good at the topic of blogging.


Because of continuous learning and applying of what I learned.

And even you got it as a passion, it can definitely help to make your financially free.

Just that keep learning, keep applying and keep sharing. That’s the only secret of good blogging!

And I so wish you keep growing as always! 🙂

See me often!

~ Adeel
Adeel Sami recently posted…My Part of Story for Karachi WordPress Meetup

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Adeel,

    Welcome to my blog, I am glad you found the post worth while.

    Its 100% correct that I am passionate for blogging.

    Thanks for commenting, I Hope to see you here often 🙂

Saurabh Tiwari says

Hey Rachit,

I really loved this article a lot. Especially the point about “You Learn a lot of Random things.” It really speaks to me and my blogging goals.

Thank you for sharing it.
Saurabh Tiwari recently posted…7 Things to Consider Before Installing any WordPress Plugin

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am Glad that you liked the Article. Thanks for Commenting.

    Hoping to see you here more often.

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