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Why I Stopped Using Genesis Theme !


From the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with the looks of this blog. Today, I finally came to a look that is convincing to me(as of now). In this blog post, I’ll give a changelog of what I did with this blog.

So, as you can clearly see, I’ve changed the appearance of this blog. I am not a big fan of changing design, but there were two major reasons that forced me to make this change.

What made me change?

There were two prime reasons that led to this change.

1st. I became an author: On January 29th 2k17, I self-published my first book with the help Amazon’s self-publish program (I’ll write a detailed guide on this later on).

Due to this, I had to do two things:-

  • A. Change my blog to tell readers that I am also an author
  • B. Add three pages on my blog – Book details, Media kit and speaking.

Initially, I tried my level best to make these changes in the previous theme. But it became a bit too heavy with the changes. So, I had to think about a different way.

2nd. The Theme was getting very heavy: I used Genesis framework on this blog earlier. It’s a great framework, no doubt!

But there is something I don’t like about it.

To use the theme and make the best out of it, you have to install a bunch of plugins.

Below, you can see, I was using five plugins that did what my current theme does without any extra plugins.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.51.30 PM

Maybe due to these plugins or my web-host, my blog was getting slow.

So, I decided to give a fresh paint job to this blog.

New theme & Updates

The pages mentioned below, are either published or I am working on them to get them live as soon as possible.

  • Speaking: Where I’ll compile information for anyone who wants to get me as a speaker on their event, workshop or training program.
  • Media kit: On this page, I’ll add necessary information such as my photo, email address and mockups of my books. Till now, I didn’t take expert roundups or interviews in a sorted and organized way, but from now on, I’ll be organizing them too.
  • Book: This page is already published. It contains details of my book, story, summary, and links to amazon marketplace.

Changes in the new theme

  • The Logo is now a bit different. Earlier it had my cartoon avatar, but now it only has my favicon and name. The previous didn’t fit well with the new header so I had to get a new logo done.
  • A slight change in color scheme. Although you guys won’t be able to notice it, but I’ve made some changes in the color scheme of this blog as well.
  • Footer. This theme has a footer, my previous theme had no footer.
  • Call to action. In the previous theme, I had to get a call to actions made in form of images because theme didn’t have it as a default feature. But now since this one does, I added one simple one in the sidebar. Although I’ll be adding more in near future.

Conclusion: I feel like my blog just had a bath.

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Rachit is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and marketer. Contributes at several publications and blogs, and has been a part of expert roundups. He is passionate about Businesses ( how they work ), online marketing, and telling Stories.

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