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how blogger outreach can benefit business

How Blogger Outreach Delivers Quick Benefits to Businesses


blogger outreachDid someone suggested you to add Blogger outreach to your SEO plan to make it more successful ?

Or did you just discover it on your own and now you’re thinking about whether you should implement it or not.

Well, there can be many reasons.

Last night, one of my previous clients E-mailed me a SEO Strategy laid down by some agency he recently hired. He asked me what was wrong with the action plan – as it wasn’t yielding him any significant results.

I took a brief look at his plan. Everything was there – content calendar, target keywords and other sort of things that they’ve been working upon.

But I was amused to see that they didn’t mentioned any strategy for the link building process. I explained him the cause and recommended to include Blogger outreach among his strategies to make his plan effective.

If you are a small or mid size business, this outreach can be a beneficial tool. This is what I’ll be explaining in this post.

What you’ll learn from this post –

  • What is Blogger Outreach ?
  • How Blogger Outreach Benefits Your Businesses
  • How does this work
  • Do’s and Don’t to make it successful

how blogger outreach can benefit business

What is Blogger Outreach ?

Before talking about how it increases your revenue ( yes, it does ! ), I’ll first explain what it basically is.

Blogger outreach is nothing but reaching out to blogs whose major reader base is your target audience and with the idea to get your product/service mentioned or reviewed on the blog by paying off an amount of the blogger.

This done due with two primary aims – creating back links, increasing sales.

This is becoming an effective and handy tool for businesses who look forward to extend their reach, increase their exposure and tap in the minds of target audience.

How Blogger Outreach Benefits Your Business

benefits of blogger outreach

1. Bloggers are capable of providing targeted traffic : I have explained it to multiple clients of mine. Targeted traffic is undoubtedly the most beneficial form of traffic for your business.

If you are able to find a blog that publishes articles in the same niche as your product/service ( Which you will find faster than you can think ), you’ll gain targeted traffic at a dramatic rate.

Blogs are rich source of targeted traffic, and are far more effective than other traditional methods of advertising.

So, if you are willing to increase your sales ( which is the aim of every business ) then you should considered getting published on a blog.

2. It is ROI friendly : While investing, businesses tend to look at the ROI ( return of investment ) that the investment would yield.

The whole thing will always act in your favor, and you’ll see your amount getting returned in no time if the plan is executed successfully.

Even if you don’t get sales, you’ll always end up growing back links towards your website. Getting backlinks is quite beneficial from the search engine optimization prospective.

3. It is Cost effective : If you are not willing to spend on Advertising or PR, you can still try this out.

It is cost effective and more affordable as compared to other methods of promotion which you would have to opt-in for otherwise.

However, you must note that it “Cost effective” not “free of cost”. You need to understand that no one out there would be willing to give you free promotion.

4. Bloggers are trusted : Even if you manage to get some bucks to invest on advertisements, it is fair chance that people won’t believe you.

For your advertising campaign to be a success, you’d need to hire a very effective and trusted personality to advertise your product. I don’t need to mention that it would be costly.

Bloggers are trusted among their reader. So much so, that a great percentage of total purchases are influenced from a blog post !

5. Introduce your product : Above everything bloggers would get your product into the mind of their readers. From there it can spread and be success or be failure according to its quality.

It is a long established quote that people from whom they trust. Being a businesses you might have to go through a hard time creating that “trust-factor”. Blogger outreach makes it easier for you to get into people’s mindset easily.

Also, you’ll get tons of honest reviews about your product which will help you improve your product.

Blogger Outreach : How it Works ?

It works in a pretty simple way. Below are points that break down the process – step by step.

  • You contact a blogger and you both mutually agree to work together.
  • Bloggers writes down a post mentioning your product, or reviews your product itself. The post gets attention of the readers, fans and subscribers of the blog. The post is trusted because the blog had gained over the time among its readers.
  • Readers come to know about your product, while a portion of them also makes up their mind to purchase the product/service. If your product is good, the readers will promote it free of cost among friends etc. It is called word of the mouth, and its the most effective form of advertising.

Do’s for Blogger Outreach

do'sThere are certain things you need to keep in mind before you start hitting bloggers with your proposal mails.

Find the perfect – Spend some time researching and googling for the best blogs in your niche. Pickup the blogs that have good user engagement. In your case, user engaging with blogger is more important than Social media shares.

Find a blogger who is active on his social media profiles, and is active in responding to comments. Also spend time reading the blog. Read the “tone” of the writer and check whether he has done a review earlier or not.

Call up again – If you emailed a blogger and he didn’t reply, it is not necessarily because he isn’t interested. I also get tons of emails and spam in my inbox under which sometimes important E-mails are missed. If you think that the outreach would be beneficial both for you and blogger, then E-mail the blogger again in a week.

Don’t do these while reaching out

wrongI’ve rejected dozens of such opportunities, to make sure a blogger doesn’t reject your proposal too, don’t do or avoid the following things –

  • I understand you want to save for your business, but don’t ask bloggers to review or promote your service for free. A Year ago I only relied on my blog for all my expenses ( I also sell my services too ), so I rejected every request where I was only offered a free product like E-book, software, plugin etc.
  • Don’t ask the blogger you are dealing with to not include cons of your product. He might accept your proposal but due to this he might loose trust of some of his readers. Allow to him to make a honest review.

Conclusion – As a content marketer, I’ve recommended, planned and executed blogger outreach campaigns for multiple clients, and it has been successful every time.

Even if you’ve just started, it can prove to be handy way to get into your customer’s mind.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

About the Author Rachit Singh

Rachit is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and marketer. Contributes at several publications and blogs, and has been a part of expert roundups. He is passionate about Businesses ( how they work ), online marketing, and telling Stories.

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Manidipa Bhaumik says

Hi Rachit,

That’s a very useful article for businesses as well as bloggers. Many newbies actually do not understand the exact meaning of blogger outreach. In my beginning days, I have received few mails for writing reviews on different products. And as I did not realize it, have accepted couple of them offering free plugins (one was totally free).

No doubt, blogger outreach is an excellent way of promoting a product. But many businesses are taking the advantage of ignorance. Thanks for sharing.
Manidipa Bhaumik recently posted…TeslaThemes Coupon Code – 50% off Anniversary Sale 2016

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Manidipa,

    It happens with every newbie.

    Although Still when I was young as a blogger, I knew that the businesses had some sort of profit from my reviews. I’ve also Written several free reviews on my blog ( not this one ).

    But it is all a part of learning curve.

    Thanks for visiting.

Vineet Gupta says

Hey Rachit,

Totally agree with you. Infact one of the best way for a new Website / Blog is to build relationship with Influencers. Take some Interviews, Round up posts and get your content shared.
Vineet Gupta recently posted…Comment on What is the role of influencers in Social Media Marketing in 2016 ? by edutech

    Rachit Singh says

    Yes, I Agree, Round Up posts are brilliant way of building traffic and relations with influencers.

Yakin Shah says

Great article dear Rachit.
Also if you could introduce a step by step, simple guide to find out bloggers in a particular niche or industry, or bloggers who has certain kind of audience as their readership and how to outreach them, how can we automate this process. It will be of real help,.

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Yakin,

    I’d surely work on this and post it soon on blog.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

Aloukik Rathore says

I am getting more engaged to such amazing posts. Pleasure to be your reader 🙂
Aloukik Rathore recently posted…How To Display Android Screen On any PC

Vashishtha Kapoor says

Hi Rachit
You’re right here. Blogger outreach is what I am doing for many of my clients and this is truly amazing way to gain FREE leads for clients.
The only thing that I feel is that modern bloggers always ask for some monetary consideration. But if You have good communication skills, you can master the art of blogger outreach.

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