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Benefits of A Being Professional Content Writer


professional content writerThe thing about doing something that you love is you’ll never feel like you are doing a “Job”. I work as a full time Content Writer, but I honestly never felt the work to be burden. Like every other incident in my life, working up as a full time writer has also taught me a lot of things.

Last evening I was discussing about this with one of my friends. After listening about what I learned up while doing all this, my friend was also interested in starting his carrier in the same field.

However, I asked him not to get carried away and stay focused in what he is doing. In this post, I’ll be sharing what is it like to be a Professional content writer ( keep in mind that the points I’ll mention are based on my personal experience, you may or may not be able to relate with them ).

Professional Content Writer

What you’ll get from this post :-

  • Why you should do what you love
  • Benefits of being a content writer

Doing what you love

steve jobsBefore I begin to explain how awesome is it to write your way to success, I’d first like to put forward that you should go with what you love doing. I realized that I loved blogging – writing, sharing and marketing hence I stepped in the field of content marketing.

This decision has been really beneficial for me, not only in financial terms, but also in developing and tweaking my own personality ( I’ll explain this later on, keep reading ! ).

Steven Paul Jobs once said that you should do what you love doing, as it is going to fill a large part of your life. I completely agree with what he said, however I still don’t see a large percentage of people following it.

Long things short ; don’t get carried away by what others are doing. Do what you love and you’ll find fun in it too

Benefits of Being a Content Writer

benefits of content writingI am putting together a few benefits that I’ve enjoyed after being a writer. As I mentioned above, these are my personal views and you may or may not relate with them ( even if you are a writer ).

You can type far more than others : Isn’t it obvious !

Given that someone’s job is to produce content, it is natural that he/she would be habitual of typing more than others. If you look at an average day in my life, my work is divided into three folds :-

  • Writing 3500 words for my client
  • Writing 1000 words for newsletters, emails and promotional texts that I use across social bookmarking websites.
  • Writing about 1200-1500 words for either of my blogs.

That is around 6k words daily. But guess what ! Even after completing these tasks, I am ready to take up any extra gigs from freelancing websites.

The above stats are clearly more than what I used to write down as a non-writer. This is something that you have to do when you are a content writer – love writing ! or else, you won’t be able to keep up.

vocublaryYou have a damn good vocabulary – Most of the guys around know and use a very limited number of words in their daily communications. I was blogging for a good time and wrote a fair number of words on a daily basis. But the thing was, I was writing about a very specific topic i.e. Blogging.

As soon as I stepped into this work, I started receiving orders to write on various topics. I touched topics I had never heard before, and I spent a very good time in researching and writing content.

Which turned out to be good for me, as my vocabulary increased dramatically. If you are a content writer, you have to read and write about a hell lot of topics, you can’t even predict which topic would the client hit you next.

But whatever topic comes, writers always find a way out and are able to produce content upon that topic. As you start writing on more and more topics, you will realize that you are learning more and more words and terms.

[asg-content-box boxcolor=”green” boxtitle=”” boldtitle=”false” boxexpand=”true” showcontent=”false”]Tip : Once you learn a new word, Try to use it in your daily life to make sure you don’t forget it. [/asg-content-box]

You are your own Boss : As a freelancer, you are your own in-charge, you have the complete freedom as of which gigs to accept and which topics to exclude.

You are quite free as compared to other employees, as you can enjoy a work from home and also quality time with your loved ones. Not only this, content writers are all around the world , there are no boundaries, which means that you are a part of global community.

Learning new thingsYou get to learn about new things : When I started my carrier as a writer, I had no idea about what is Forex trading ( just saw its ads ).

But on my very first week, I was asked to write about it. I took it up as a challenge and started my research. There were several new things that I learned.

Just like this, I’ve learned a lot of things since I’ve started writing. Thanks to the new topics that my clients provide due to which I have to research.

Apart from this, if you maintain a blog alongside your work ( like I do ), you’ll learn a lot about blogging as well. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I know how much I’ve learned from it. It was my blog itself that helped me make a revenue stream.

investmentYou are able to pay your bills : I don’t know about all the bloggers or content writers, but writing has made me financially strong.

Not only I am able to handle my own expenses , but I am also able to contribute to my family. As a writer, I get paid in small parts , but the total sum is a worthy amount.

Being a writer, you literally get paid to increase your knowledge, read and write about things. These things act in your favor, and above all you get paid to pursue your passion.

Conclusion – To break it down all in simple words, Content writing is simply awesome. The work from home, researching for topics all are wonderful experiences. Not only you are your own boss and decide your work timings and leaves, you are also become financially independent.

But that’s only if you are passionate about it.

If you aren’t passionate about it, it would suck to write so many words a day. Not only in this field, being passionate is a requirement in almost every field.

So, what benefits did you receive being a content writer ?

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