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7 Business Blog Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

7 Business Blog Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid


If your company has a website, you should definitely add a “blog” to the website.

Taking a look at its benefits, a lot of businesses do add a blog section on their website. Here is a post I wrote on Scribbify about Benefits of blogging for small and mid-sized businesses. Do check out the post to learn the benefits of a business blog.

Now, not all business blogs convert well!

When planned and executed in the right way, your business blog can help you outrank your competition, bring sales and increase your online exposure.

There are many pitfalls in the journey of a these as well. In this blog, I’ll talk about 7 such business blog mistakes and why you should avoid them.

7 Business Blog Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Business Blog Mistake #1: Not Matching Website With Blog

If your website is blue, I won’t expect your blog’s color scheme to be red.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs that look quite different from the main website. Now, I am not forcing you to design your blog exactly like your website.

I am talking about making the overall color scheme consistent in both the website and blog.

Quite a while back, I wrote the anatomy of an ideal blog post in which I talked about different types of color schemes and why it is wise to pay attention to color schemes.

Also, your blog needs to have a proper schedule of when do posts get published. Posting consistently and regularly would favor your blog from both readers and search engines.

If you need help in creating a schedule, check out my content calendar writing service.

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Business Blog Mistake #2: Not adding Call to Actions

You don’t want people to come to your company’s blog to read!

You want them to take action!

It can be any action: purchase your product/service, enroll in your course, subscribe to your mailing list and much more.

Your goal should be clear. Figure out what you want your readers or visitors to do on your website – and make it clear to them.

There are dozens of ways you can add a call to action. It depends on what CTA you wish to add.

There are plugins that can help you add a call to action in the right places. Some places I’ll recommend adding CTAs are below the blog post, above the post ( below heading ), or in the blog post body itself.

Business Blog Mistake #3: Not being patient

Often when I pen down content calendars for companies, I get asked,” from when this will start showing results ?“.

No doubt I invest a lot of research and analysis in those things, but blogging isn’t a success overnight thing!

Some blogs grow swiftly, others might steadily. It might take up some months ( or maybe a year ) before your blog starts bringing some significant sales.

But it does work. According to a HubSpot survey, a business that has an active blog tend to secure up to 60% more sales!

However, it’s isn’t essential that a blog would start bringing results instantly – neither it is that it won’t bring any result at all.

You need to be patient – and consistent. Keep publishing content and prior to your expectations – it will start delivering results.

Business Blog Mistake #4: Neglecting Social Media

A good way of growing a business is to play where your customers hang out.

Social media is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact, every time I start a blog, I first focus on driving traffic through social media instead of search engines.

SEO takes some time to kick in, however, social media is capable of delivering results almost instantly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “I have a business, why would I waste time on Facebook ?

It isn’t necessary that you engage with all social media platforms. Figure out where your target audience is present in the majority and devote a small time to that platform.

You can even get a virtual assistant to do it for you. But I always suggest to DIY because you’d get to understand your customers better.

One secret scribbify is doing good is because I analyze my customers, their mindset and their needs in order to deliver them the best.

Business Blog Mistake #5: Hosting it on different domain

I don’t see how this isn’t a no-brainer. It is always a terrible to host your website and blog on separate domains.

I’ve seen many companies do this and I am still not sure why would someone do that.

For backlinks? For not affecting website’s SEO?

I don’t see any benefits in any case. Companies should always host their blog in a subdomain or subfolder.

  • sub-domain : http://blog.yourcompany.com
  • sub-folder : http://yourcompany.com/blog

There are many reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

Both ( your website and blog are single entity ) and you need google & your readers to understand this.

It would be quite a daunting task to manage two separate domains. You’ll also save some bucks on hosting and domain renewal charges.

Business Blog Mistake #6: Not helping readers connect

Do your blog posts still say that they are written by “editorial team” or “team your company” or the worst “admin”?

You know how we humans have this habit of imagining while we read?

Just think for a minute what goes in your mind when your friend tells you a joke. You start re-creating the whole scenario in your mind & in the end, this is what makes it funny.

Same is when readers read your blog posts. A reader can’t connect with an “editorial team” or “admin”.

Name your author and if possible add his bio above/below your blog post ( can be done easily via Starbox ).

Business Blog Mistake #7: Keeping it too promotional

I understand, it is your company’s blog – it has to contain information about your team, your activities news, and similar things.

But, you too, should understand that not all readers come to your blog for reading about your company. The Majority of visitors come for finding a fix for one of their problems.

It’s good to write about your company so that readers can connect with your brand, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

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Conclusion: Companies like udemy drive a big slice of traffic & users from their blog itself.

The Majority of my clients contact me from my blogs or close the deal after my blog posts.

Not only this, I have many case studies where having a blog proved to be a good decision for the business.

So, are you making any of these mistakes over on your blog? Do let me know in comments.

Note: I am a professional writer who can help you streamline your blog. I can layout a perfect content calendar and create content accordingly. Get in touch with from this form.

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