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5 Ways To Earn Online as Content Writer


content writerProducing brilliant content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You can’t just ramble up a few words into sentences and hope to impress readers and clients.

Bloggers around the globe agree that “Content is the King“. Content is the sole thing that can turn your blog up or down.

Luckily there are people around that have mastered the art of content writing. Perfection in content creation doesn’t come over night ! I was personally a horrible content producer in the starting, I still am, but I have improved a lot.

If you too are a content writer, there are five ways you can earn income online.

5 Ways To Earn Online as Content Writer

1 . Freelancing : Websites such as Freelancer , odesk and fiverr regularly call out for content writers. There are pretty good number of companies and individuals who are in search of content writer.

If you are a good content writer then a regular and active presence on these websites would be profitable.

There is no limit or count on how much you can earn through freelance websites, as you can pick up as many jobs as you can complete.

But there is a thing about writing on freelancing websites which I don’t like. The rates being offered are pretty low.

In my earlier days as a content writer I’ve written articles for a pretty low price. I wasn’t aware of the rates at that time. There are people writing 500 word articles for $5 or $2 per post basis.

If you are just dipping your toes into ocean of content writing, begin with freelancing to get an idea of how stuff works. This would give you a broad picture of how stuff works. Once you feel like you did enough projects, jump to other money making methods.

2.  Ghost-Writing : Ghost-writing is a piece of writing, that you produce without taking any credit for that work. In ghost writing people hire writers to produce content.

In return you are paid with “money” only. Your name isn’t mentioned anywhere and no credit is given to you.

Basically, it means you can’t claim that it was your masterpiece.

The cost of ghost writing projects are certainly high. Ghost writers are generally hired by companies or professional marketers.

You can either be paid per post or on a monthly basis. The only downside I find in ghost writing is that you can’t mention that in your portfolio.

But, the money provided for ghost writers can be pretty awesome. Payment depends on which company or individual is hiring you.

3. Writing on Other Blogs : There are lot of marketers that look for content creators for their blog.

I personally know a few c0-bloggers who get paid to write on other blogs. The amount they are paid is comparatively less than ghost writing, but their name is included.

This sort of writing is beneficial as you would be building your portfolio as well. You can mention the posts you write on other blogs in your portfolio.

The payment here too is either per post or monthly basis. In monthly basis payments you are likely to be provided with a target to complete. The target can be one post per three days or so.

Writing on other blogs also builds your reputation and brand across the web.

There are websites and blogs that pay $100 per article for writing posts on them. Some websites that pay for writing are YourOnline.biz, Youngandglobal.org, tutorialboard.net, treehouseblog, transitionsabroad, slickwp, sitepoint, pxleyes, photoshoptutorials.ws, alistapart.

While writing on other blogs, make sure to read guidelines to avoid cancellation.

4. Sponsored Post : If you are a content writer and own a blog, then you have a plus one. You can write sponsored posts on your blog and get paid for them.

Sponsored posts refer to posts that are written to promote a service or a brand.

The cost of sponsored post can vary according to the brand or individual. I’ve been paid from $35 – $200 for a sponsored post.

The cost also varies according to the number of words in the post. Sponsored posts are good to earn money but they can hurt your blog’s SEO if you “do-follow” the links.

Google might catch you red handed providing links for money. A good hack to avoid this is to “No-follow” the links that you provide to the advertiser.

Providing one do-follow backlink isn’t bad, however providing excess backlinks is hurting your SEO.

5. Join a Company Understanding the importance of content marketing and to increase their online exposure, brands and companies are now hiring content writers.

I haven’t been on a lot of Job posting websites. But, I’ve seen a good number of job listings for content writers on monster.com and some other job posting websites.

Companies would hire you for monthly payment basis and would provide you with a target to complete.

Joining a company also sounds professional. Company might allow you to work from home or ask you to come office daily.

Working with company gives a sense of security too.

Conclusion – Above were the five ways you can make income online.

Far before I started making money from consultancy, I earned a good income from content writing. A major part of my income came from sponsored post.

I had a blog with a good traffic and reader flow, so advertisers regularly contacted me to post sponsored post. I’ve also worked with a brand as a content writer.

If you are a content writer, try the sites I listed in third point. Additionally if you know any websites that pay for writing post, post in the comments below.

Content writers can also share their money making methods in the comments below.

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Rachit is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and marketer. Contributes at several publications and blogs, and has been a part of expert roundups. He is passionate about Businesses ( how they work ), online marketing, and telling Stories.

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Christopher Jan Benitez says

Greatpost, Rachit! You’ve covered pretty much every single job a content writer can possibly have.

I guess the most important tip that content writers need to do is set up a portfolio site of their sample works. This can help increase their chances of getting hired for their job of choice.

    Rachit Singh says

    Hi Christopher,

    Thank You for commenting. I Agree with You, people are highly influenced by what they see. Building up a portfolio is one important thing a content writer can do to increase its chances of getting hired.

    Hope to see you here soon.

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