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Why readers don't return

10 Reasons Why Readers Won’t Return to Your Blog


Why readers don't return

In Blogging, its a key stroke to understand that returning visitors are most beneficial. These are the visitors that return to your blog, they are your loyal audience and are most likely to buy from you.

I am not stating that first time visitors won’t buy from you. But, the returning visitors are always more profitable.

If you have a regular stream of returning visitors, you can design a good revenue model out of it as well.

However, not all readers return to all blogs. Below are the top ten reasons why visitors don’t become “returning visitor”.



You are “Admin” -> I’ve visited hundreds of blogs with author name “admin”. If your author name is admin as well, its time for a quick change.

Trust is a major issue in any business. Blogging is not different !

For creating a brand, you need readers to trust you. For this, readers first need to know who is behind the blog. Create an “About” me page with your image and describe briefly who you are.

Grammatical mistakes -> I don’t propose that my posts are perfect, there can be errors. However there are thousands of blogs online or may be more that have completely messed up English.

It isn’t necessary that English gets to be the mother tongue of all bloggers, but you need to be accurate if blogging in it. Using online tools and proof-reading can prove to be useful in this.

Your Blog takes ages to load -> Your slow loading blog might be “OK” for you, but this isn’t how it works for readers.

No body likes a slow and sluggish website. It has been calculated that your site is considered slow if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Another harsh truth is, readers most likely quit the website if it takes more than 2 seconds to start loading. Looking at all these facts, you need your blog to be fast enough. To begin, check your loading time here.

Your Content isn’t readable -> A lot of factors can contribute to this ; including but not limited to, these include font, color, background color, font size and similar aspects.
If you are using WordPress, choosing the right theme can solve all these issues. There are hundreds thousands of free and premium themes on the web.

Also, if you are not happy with any theme, you can get a custom theme as well. Make sure your post is easily readable from an optimal distance from the screen.

content writerYou never wrote for humans -> If you are way too much conscious about SEO, you might have been writing for bots instead of humans.

I’ve been to a lot of blogs where the sole purpose of the blogger was to get traffic. You can manage to get traffic, but will never be able to grow audience and gain readers.

Ultimately your post has to be read by a human, and he will certainly get irritated by stuff such as meaningless headlines, over using keyword and similar things. He then won’t return to your blog as it was “Human friendly”.

You didn’t catch them ! – Let’s understand this cycle. A reader comes to your blog in search of some sort of information.

As soon as he/she finds it, he/she will leave your blog and merely come back again.
However, if you manage to get his email, you can send them regular emails about latest post and make them come back.

This is simply what we call “lead generation” . This helps you create a loyal audience base for your blog. It has several advantages. One of which is getting quick boosts of traffic instantly after publishing a post.

Disabling the “talk” – You did all the nice things, and have no place for comments or discussions ?
What if some reader has something to say you ?

Disabling comments or having no platform for commenting can be one of the worst loop holes leading to failure of your blog. It doesn’t what CMS you are using, there are number of comment platforms free of CMS.

You can use disqus, or the ever green facebook comments.

Having no comment platform blocks the communication between you and reader, which is horrible. Also, not all readers are willing to go to your contact me page and message you what he/she wanted to speak. Having a comment form increases discussions and engagements.

Advertising Central -> Readers come to read information on your blog, not for looking at your advertisements.

On my first blog, before adding any advert, I always thought “Would I like it if I was the reader ?”

If the answer was “No”, I never placed the advertisements, regardless of how many dollars it was worth. Sidebars are easy to fill, this is because they are mostly found over-stuffed with advertisements.

The first thing you need to value is readers, not profits.

Presentation also matters -> You prepared superb content, but put that in a straight box of text. Reading a box of simple text isn’t fun and readers are likely to skip that.

Use the right combination of text, images, styling can help you hold audience for longer and make them come back.

Additionally, inserting ads within your content can be poor decision as well. You need to be very cautious while placing inline ads in your content. Make sure you don’t  upset your readers. Put readers first instead of profits.

You’ll be earning profits as long as you have readers.

You have ridiculous pop-ups -> Pop-Ups are two-folded swards. They are most likely to increase your subscribers, and they are most likely to irritate your readers as well.

I have been to numerous blogs where the pop-up took up the complete mobile screen. Not only on mobile screens, useless pop-ups are irritating on desktop as well.

In addition to those stupid pop-ups, a lot of website put timer and a option to “like” for quick unlock. This instantly makes me quit the website and never return again.

Conclusion – I wrote this post based on my personal experience on other blogs.

If you too have been surfing blogs, and came across things that made you leave them, do let me know in the comments below.

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